Review | Is Crypnounce legit or scam?

Cryptocurrency has been the target of fraudulent actions by fraudsters. Many internet users have fallen victim to this scam. is one is a new website in the cryptocurrency make money world. And it was recently launched.

Many videos about Crypnounce claims that the website is responsible for the giveaway and other exciting thing for users to earn income.

With this,’s offers seem too good to be true. Which is why the investigation is being conducted on the platform. Review

Review is important for cryptocurrency site. And this review talk about everything information that is necessary to navigate effectively and how the platform work.

What is

The site claims that it firmly believes that everyone, regardless of their background or origins, should have the liberty to earn, hold, spend, share, and donate their money. claims to be a gateway for crypto traders. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting your crypto journey,

Crypnounce empowers you to navigate your financial path. Their exchange offers an expanding array of cryptocurrency pairs for investment, with a good set of tools and features to support your investor growth and earn income on Crypnounce. explains their services further that they are a diverse collective of thinkers and action-takers committed to democratizing cryptocurrency

And making Crypnounce accessible worldwide, and empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue financial independence.

How to Earn from

Earn on by investing in coins. This Crypnounce earning can be done by navigating to the trade section on the site.

Open an order and start your journey to trading and earning on Crypnounce. Referrals

Income can also be earned via referrals on Crypnounce.

Crypnounce Referral Program Overview:

Crypnounce offers a three-tier referral system. where users’ rewards are determined by the referral category:

° Category A referrals earn you a 50% commission.

° Category B referrals yield a 10% commission.

° Category C referrals grant you a 2.5% commission.

Each referral on will bring you a commission based on their respective category: A, B, or C.

Currently, the referral system and the ability to generate unlimited referral codes are exclusively accessible to premium users on Crypnounce.

Key Features of the Crypnounce Referral Program:

1. No Referral Limits: There’s no cap on the number of friends you can refer. Both you and your referred friends will receive a BTC equivalent referral bonus once they complete their verification.

2. Inclusive Participation: The program is open to all eligible Trading users; no BTC/ETH/BCH staking is required to refer friends.

3. Instant Bonus Credits: Your friends can use their sign-up bonus immediately upon successfully passing verification.

4. Rewards for Friend’s Deposits: For each new friend you refer, you will receive 0.01% (in BTC) of the total sum of their deposits.

When was Launched

Crypnounce said that the project began in 2018. And over the years, they have improved in this manner.

June 2018:

° Crypnounce begins its journey.
° Introduction of a fresh UI and enhanced UX.

March 2019:

° said that they achieved 15% of the global BTC trading volume.

° The site claims they ranked among the Top 15 Crypto Exchanges worldwide.

° Welcomed 4,000 participants to our global trading competition.

February 2020:

° Daily trading volume crosses the $2 billion mark.

° Addition of USDT to our platform.

May 2021:

° Introduction of the Spot trading platform.

° Integration of BEP20 and TRC20 networks.

° Reached an all-time high trading volume of $35 billion.

August 2022:

° Became the Principal Team Partner of Oracle Red Bull Racing.

° Strengthened account security measures.

° Streamlined login procedures.

° Implemented a scalable trading engine for improved performance.

° Enhanced speed and automation of withdrawal processes.

June 2023:

° Expanding our offering with 120 new trading pairs.

° Launching an exciting promotion to attract new customers, offering users the opportunity to receive BTC into their accounts.

° Commencement of the development of a mobile application and a personal NFT collection, with initial ownership privileges extended to premium platform users.

And this information that stated on their About Us page is not true. Because when we checked the Crypnounce domain, it was registered in August 2023.

Who is the Owner of

We can see on the Crypnounce site that it is owned by Mǎ Huàténg. And we don’t have any further information about the individual. Sign Up

° Visit

° Tap the two-lined icon on the top right corner of the homepage.

° Navigate to Sign Up.

° Enter email, password, and confirm password.

° Lastly, Tap ‘Continue’ to complete the Crypnounce withdrawal. Login

° Visit

° Tap the two-lined icon on the top right corner of the homepage.

° Navigate to Login.

° Input Email and password.

° Click Login.

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How to Withdraw on

Withdraw on by:

°  Tap ‘Withdraw’ from your Crypnounce account dashboard.

° Select the Coin to withdraw.

° Fill in all necessary information. And complete withdrawal.

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Is Legit or Scam

On the website, we can find that the site states “Be calm about your cryptocurrency asset”. But that is not the case for Crypnounce in reality. is a pure scam that is scamming people of their hard-earned money.

When you want to access the Crypnounce site, there is a warning that pops up “Suspected Malware

This website has been reported for potentially distributing malware.

Malware is malicious software created to intentionally disrupt the normal operations of a device”

Which is the first red flag about

One strategy that Crypnounce is using to get more customers is posting videos on TikTok with content that the owner of  X is giving giveaways. And to claim the giveaway, you will have to join

This is completely untrue because the owner of X does not have any connection with the scam website.

In the long run of Crypnounce giveaway strategy scam will ask users to deposit some capital which they will be unable to withdraw.

In conclusion, do not visit or invest in because they are not paying and it is a scam.

Thank you for reading, share this Crypnounce review with family and friends.

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