Review | Is My traffic powerline legit or scam?

Network marketing is one source to make money on the internet. has also come up with such a strategy to provide income.

My traffic powerline is a recently launched website with little or no review on the internet.

This is why we drafted this Mytrafficpowerline review and brought it to you since the website is a money-promising one.
Is Mytrafficpowerline legit or scam?

Honest Review

In the past few days, My traffic powerline seems to have gained recognition across the internet, especially on social media. We have also investigated to bring this honest My Traffic Powerline review to you.

What is

My Traffic Powerline is a network marketing scheme that has come to provide income with traffic.

Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), involves using a network of individuals to sell products or services directly to consumers. In the context of generating income through traffic, it often involves recruiting others to join the network as distributors and then relying on the collective efforts of these distributors to promote and sell the products or services. This is exactly how earning on My Traffic powerline works.

How to Earn from How does work

My Traffic Powerline provides you with the opportunity to display your ads directly to a specific audience of affiliate marketers. i.e. they sell traffic.

My Traffic Powerline serves as a medium to purchase targeted traffic to effectively advertise your business and various affiliate programs but also presents a pathway to bolster your earnings through referral commissions. By becoming a part of this advertisement process for traffic, you gain the ability to earn users’ income.

And with this Mytrafficpowerline users can earn income on the platform. has both monthly and yearly subscriptions.

* My traffic powerline Monthly Plan: $20 per month + $40 one-time fee.

* Yearly Plan: $200 per year + $40 one-time fee.

My traffic powerline enables users to earn with the team they build on the platform through a 2×12 matrix. user rank can also be improved to the next generation by:

* Rookie

– 2 personal signups – Grants user 25% check matching bonuses on your 1st generation referrals.

* Pro

– 5 personal signups on Mytrafficpowerline– Provides 25% check matching bonuses on your 2nd generation referrals.

* Champion

– 10 personal signups – Unlocks 25% check matching bonuses on your 3rd generation referrals.

* Legend

– 25 personal signups) – Activates 25% check matching bonuses on your 4th generation referrals.

When you sign up on My Traffic Powerline, the site will show you how to earn easily. Referrals referral program depends on whether the individual you referred to the platform deposit.

Upon the subscription of the individuals you referred to the $20 monthly plan, Mytrafficpowerline will grant a direct commission of $25. This translates to a commission exceeding 100%, although it’s confined to a single payment. Consequently, your earnings halt after the initial month.

Other referral bonus percentage includes.

* Level 1 (personally recruited affiliates, needing a minimum of two affiliates) – 25% match.

* Level 2 (requiring a minimum of five affiliates) – 25% match on my traffic powerline.

* Level 3 (calling for at least ten affiliates) – 25% match.

* Level 4 (requiring a minimum of twenty-five affiliates) – 25% match on

When was  Launched

My traffic powerline was launched in August 2023.

Where can be found

My traffic powerline can be accessed across almost all countries of the world.

Who is the Owner of

Knowing the identity of a make-money website that is promising its users income is very important.

This is why we have investigated the owner of My traffic powerline is owned by Jeremy Duncan. He is a network marketer.

Jeremy Duncan is also the owner of Sign Up

Start your earning journey on My Traffic Powerline by signing up on the website.

* Click Here.

* Scroll down a little bit and tap ‘Join now

* Submit email.

* Enter full name, phone number, and password and complete the human test by filling in Captcha. Login

* Visit the My Traffic Powerline website.

* Tap the Menu icon and select login

*  Enter username/email, password, and full in captcha.

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How to deposit on

Select subscription and follow deposit process.

How to Withdraw on

The minimum withdrawal threshold on My Traffic powerline is $50.

After accumulating up to $55 on the platform, users can proceed to withdraw:

* Navigate to the withdraw section on the website.

* Submit W8 or W9 tax form.

* Input amount to withdraw.

* Select the payment method that is suitable for you, which includes; CashApp, Zelle, Direct Deposit to your bank account, or Bitcoin.

* Submit.

Note: 5 dollar will be deducted as a transaction fee for each withdrawal and you will receive your money within 72 hours.

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Is Legit or Scam Review is an MLM or pyramid scheme that will crash sooner or later.

My traffic powerline is currently paying their users for now, And the site will stop paying when they have many customers and accumulate large sums of money from their users.

Pyramid schemes cannot be trusted because they are inherently fraudulent and unsustainable. promises quick and easy profits, but they rely on continually recruiting new participants to pay returns to those at the top.

As the scheme ( My traffic powerline) grows, it becomes mathematically impossible to sustain, causing the majority of participants to lose their money.

Mytrafficpowerline lacks a genuine product or service, making them illegal in many jurisdictions. Trusting such schemes can lead to financial loss and legal consequences.

In conclusion, Do not invest what you cannot afford to lose on because all MLM schemes will eventually stop paying. My Traffic Powerline can decide that they no longer pay their user, which will make their users lose.

Thanks for reading this honest My traffic powerline review, feel free to drop your opinion below.

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