Review | Is GPTCoin legit or scam? is the new income-promising site in Web3.

In the past few months, we have seen several Websites that came to the Web3 space and eventually scam their users or give unreasonable excuses about why their site is currently not paying. And these websites include;,,, and many more

In this article, we will shed more light on what Gptcoinai is all about. And at the end, we will know if Gptcoin is legit or a scam. Review

Web3 and cryptocurrency platforms have garnered attention worldwide, promising individuals an alternative avenue to financial prosperity. And some turned out to be scams.

In the pursuit of financial growth through Web3 and cryptocurrency platforms, embracing the reality of risk is fundamental. The review presented here is intended to guide you through the right path, shedding light on potential pitfalls and points of caution. By making decisions grounded in research, and transparency.

Now, let’s look fully into the GPTCoinai world.

What is is a website that claims to enhance internet users’ crypto journey, as it opens the door to new possibilities and a future of intelligent trading for them.

Gptcoin claims to offer 1.2% daily returns on your USDT and many more offers.

How to Earn from How does works

How the Gptcoinai earning scheme works is that users get to earn a percentage daily on what they invest on GPTCoin. For example Daily earnings of 1% – 5% with just $10.

With this, we can say that users profit on daily solely on how much their investment is worth.

How to get Referrals

Do not bother to invite anyone else to GPTCoin because the website may be fraudulent.

When was Launched

Gptcoinai was launched on the 29th of April, 2023.

Who is the Owner of

The owner of is unknown to customers because the site is keeping it a secret.

Gptcoinai was registered under a private name.

But we can see on their website the names of their Chief data scientist, Chief product manager, Chief Data engineer, and vice president. And we won’t be publishing their names here because it might be fake. Sign Up

Internet users can only sign up on Gptcoinai by downloading the App from the Play Store and Apple Store. And complete the signup process. Login

Login to with the email and password you provided during sign-up. App

GPTCoin app has been deleted from every platform.

How to Withdraw on

As of the time this Gptcoinai review was published, it is impossible to withdraw on the platform because the site has fled with investors’ or customers’ capital.

How to Deposit on

Fund your wallet via Binance, Trust Wallet, and other cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

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When will be listed

With the situation at hand and how Gptcoinai is operating, GPTCoin may never be listed because they are fraudulent.

Has crashed

Stay clear of AI profit investment schemes called GPTCoin AI. Over 20,000 individuals globally have fallen victim to this fraudulent crypto investment.

After Gptcoinai operated for two months, on August 8, the system experienced an unexpected compromise. The management asserted it was due to hacking and downplayed the situation, ensuring they safeguarded all investment funds from theft.

The compromise that experienced was a deliberate one because that seems to be a strategy among this scam website.

Recently, the company introduced a new system. Yet, during a Zoom session, GPTCoin’s VP, Mark Williams, admitted that all funds were lost. This marked the beginning of further deceit, including converting investor funds into their new coin unit called CGPT, which lacks market value and restricts withdrawals until a specific threshold is reached.

With this information, it is safe to say that GPTCoin has crashed.

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Is Legit or Scam

Is Gptcoin legit or a scam? This is no doubt the most important query of this article.

Unfortunately, turned out to be a scam just like Catly, Alphagpt, and the rest.

Imagine waiting over 1000 days to retrieve your initial investment on GPTCoin. Strangely, there’s a ‘positive’ twist – by recruiting new downliners and purchasing locked investment contracts, the 1000-day exit period can be reduced. Beware, as history may repeat itself with another hacking narrative, possibly just months from now.

The shocking thing about GPTCoinai is that the website is still claiming that they are legit which is not true.

Gptcoin is another scam that is just hiding under the influence of AI, which is just another strategy to make internet users believe that is legit.

Scammers are now leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to prey on unsuspecting victims. As AI gains sophistication, its potential for deception becomes increasingly alarming, reshaping the landscape of cybercrime. GPTCoin has decided to take that route to carry out their fraudulent activities.

In conclusion, do not invest in because it is a scam.

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