Review | Is Catly Legit or scam? Find out.

Web3, often hailed as the next evolution of the internet has so many promising stuffs.

The Web 3 community is a promising initiative in the make money online world. And seems to be one of the Web 3 platforms that is promising their user income.

Catly has been trending on social media lately, which is why we (Alphazeal) have decided to check it out. And know how earning on really works. Review

We have seen many Web 3 site in the past that eventually scammed their user which is the main reason why we made this review to let internet users know if Catly is another cryptocurrency scam.

What is is a cryptocurrency investment scheme, that users make presale and earn. The Web 3 site claims that it is the first crypto initiative that allows its users to make a presale token to sell their staking rewards back to Catly.

How to Earn on

After users complete their Sign Up on Catly and do some requirements, the site gifts 500,000 Catly tokens.

And with this users can begin to mine on the platform. Earning on Catly is quite easy and individuals can also see the earning step on the platform.

Register on to know more. Referral

One feature that made very popular apart from social media influence is Referral.

Catly users tend to refer people to the platform because there is a reward for it on the platform. assigns a unique unique link for every user on their platform. Airdrop

Catly Airdrop can no longer be claimed became the website said it has closed

When was launched

Catly was launched in 2023. And the site domain was registered in March 2023.

Who is the owner of

We can say the owner of because the site didn’t reveal it to anyone. Catly is said to be a non-profit organization that was registered by Martin Jan De Jong Sign Up

Start your journey to earn on by


* Tap ‘Sign up

* Input a valid email address, create a password, and confirm the password, captcha, invitation code.

* Click ‘Create an account

And with this, you have successfully signed up on Catly Login

Login to your Catly account by


* Tap ‘Sign in’

* Enter email, password, captcha.

* Click ‘Sign In’

How to withdraw on

The minimum withdrawal threshold on is 60 Catly coins. And this can be withdrawn to the user’s Binance wallet.

However, the withdrawal feature is no longer working on Catly at the time this review was published.

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Has crashed

Unveiling the Chaos about the crash of

One driving force that Catly used to gain customers is social media especially X (formerly Twitter), and Telegram.

In the age of digital interconnectedness, social media platforms have revolutionized the way we share information, connect, and stay updated.

Users across various social media channels have collectively raised the alarm, claiming that has experienced a crash.

The digital landscape was set abuzz recently as users of Catly took to various social media platforms to voice their frustrations about the platform’s apparent malfunction.

In conclusion, the recent episode involving underscores the power of social media as a tool for communication and information sharing. However, it also serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance in navigating the digital landscape. As users express their concerns about the website crash.

When will be listed

Initially, said that they would be working towards listing when 70% of the $CATLY tokens are minted.

However, Catly has started acting suspiciously lately. And we can’t guarantee that will ever be listed.

Catly said recently that:

* Catly Pre-sale is completed.

* CATLY Buybacks have stopped.

* CATLYtoken airdrop is closed.

* Catlycoin is Not listed yet.

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Is legit or scam can be tagged as be scam and at the same time, we can say it’s legit. There are many reasons to back this up. was paying their customers initially but as of the time this article was published Catly is no longer making their customers withdraw their funds.

And has come out to give an excuse that might not be true for their users. Stating that Catly developers are working on listing, enhancing the ecosystem, and more.

One certain thing is that is a Ponzi scheme. Internet users are aware of how dangerous Ponzi schemes are. In the long run, they will eventually lose their money on Catly.

Furthermore, the website’s intentions appear questionable due to its unconventional approach to their customers.

In conclusion, is not safe to use.

Thanks for reading this honest Catly review.

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