Review | Is Tramzs legit or scam?

Making money online is one of the most lucrative ways to earn these days.

And due to this, several developers have also created a means to exploit or scam internet users that want to make money on the internet.

In this content, we will be making research on a new site called Tramzs seems to be fast gaining popularity among websites providing income on the internet.

Making money online sites require caution so that internet user will not lose their money to a scammer.
We are seen a few reviews about on social media but does not guarantee that is legit or a scam. Which is why we made our review about TRAM.

Now, Let’s start telling you all we know about Review

One advantage of reviewing is to make the reader know how a particular thing works.

And in this review, readers will know how work. This Tramzs will reveal all genuine information about it.

What is

Tramzs termed their selves to be the latest monetization model allowing everyone to get dividends from TRAM battery production. Which enables customers to earn online.

Tramzs com has come to provide innovation and solutions for energy storage batteries and wireless devices in electric vehicles.

Lately, said they have launched some new products, and are currently soliciting a group of users to learn about them. And also earn.

How to Earn from How does work

Making money on requires depositing or investing on the platform. And this is because involves several VIP levels with different incomes and purchase amounts.

This Tramsz investments include:

VIP 0: New energy battery.

This VIP level costs ₦2400

Number of tasks: 1

Total revenue: ₦600

Validity: 15 days

Daily income: ₦40

VIP0 is valid for 15 days. And customers receive ₦40 in income every day. 15 days income ₦600.

VIP 1: Baojun KiWi

This cost ₦5000

Number of tasks: 1

Total revenue: ₦21600

Validity: 90 days

Daily income: ₦ 240

VIP1 on is valid for 90 days, and you users can receive 240₦ rewards every day. 30 days income 7200₦. 90 days income 21600₦. (You can continue to purchase after the production line expires)on Tramzs.

VIP 2 on electrical motorbike

This investment cost the sum of ₦15000

Number of tasks: 1

Total revenue: ₦72000

Validity: 90 days

Daily income: ₦800

VIP2 is valid for 90 days, And receive ₦800 income every day. 30 days income ₦24000. 90 days income is ₦72000.

VIP 3: BYD Dolphin ₦30000

Number of tasks: 1

Total revenue: ₦153000

Validity: 90 days

Daily income: ₦ 1700

VIP3 is valid for 90 days, And receive ₦1700 income per day, and ₦51000 income in 30 days. 90 days income is  153000 on

VIP 4 on Tramzs: Euler good cat

This is worth ₦50000

Number of tasks: 1

Total revenue: ₦252000

Validity: 90 days

Daily income: ₦ 2800

VIP4 on is available for 90 days, and users receive ₦2800 income per day. 30 days income ₦84000. 90 days income ₦252000.

VIP5: Volkswagen ID.4 x

Investment of ₦150000

Number of tasks: 1

Total revenue: ₦648000

Validity: 90 days

Daily income: ₦7200

VIP 5 on Tramzs is valid for 90 days, and you can receive ₦7200 income every day. 30 days income ₦216000. 90 days income ₦648000.

The VIP 6 and 7 on is the highest level in which customera can use. And this is only use after using level 0 to 5.

VIP 6 cost ₦300000 and VIP 7 cost ₦500000.

The battery production line of this level can be purchased after charging. And this charging on TRAM means depositing.

* Tramzs users can purchase several products of different levels at the same time. And there is a purchase limit for the same item

* When the product is successfully purchased, income will be automatically generated every day, and the wallet balance will be automatically reached.

* Each product level has a different team commission rate. The higher the product level, the higher your account level, and the higher your daily income and team commission rate.

* When user have all the teams, level 1 team, level 2 team, level 3 team. Hit production every day. The first-level team will receive a 3% production commission, the second-level team will receive a 1% production commission, and the third-level team will receive a 1% production commission.

How to get Referrals

Invite new members to Tramzs to form your own team.

* When customer invite 5 direct subordinate to TRAM, they wull receive a monthly salary of 3000₦

* Invite 20 direct subordinates to, user can receive a monthly salary of ₦15000. (valid user: must be the user who purchased the device)

And several other gain when inviting more people to Tramzs.

When was Launched was launched in the early months of 2023.

Who is the Owner of

This is unknown to their user because the site did not reveal it. Sign Up sign up will be easily completed when users follow the appropriate process. That includes:

* Visit the Tramzs website at or Click here.

* Enter your phone number. And obtain an SMS verification code with your phone number.

* Enter your password. And confirm the password.

* Lastly, enter the fund password. And invitation code if you have one.

Tap on Sign up. The Tramsz App is also available on the Google play store. And it is called Tram with over 500 download. Login

To login on, it only requires phone number and password. And visit the site for that.

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How to Withdraw on

The minimum withdrawal limit on Tramzs is 2000 naira.

Withdraw on by:

* Click on the ‘mine’ icon at the bottom of the TRAM dashboard.

* Select Withdraw money

* Choose between Shpay or TRC20 to receive your parents in.

* Enter your Tramzs password. and submit.

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Is Legit or Scam

Based on our research about, we did not find any tangible evidence of payment from Tramzs to their customer.

And we advise anyone that wants to earn on to not put what they cannot afford to lose on the website.

Note that, this article did not clarify if Tramzs is legit or scam. And one cause of that is that the site is still very uncommon with no evidence of payment yet.

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