Review | Is Metroopinion Legit or scam? Find out

Paid survey can be regarded as one of the most popular ways to earn money online. Although, there are several paid survey website on the internet.

But we will be talking about a fast rising paid survey platform called
Indeed the name of the website Metroopinion match its activity. Because the site promise to reward their customer when they give answers or give their opinion about a particular query or survey provided on
There are several paid survey we have seen in the past that end being scam. Which is why we drafted this Metroopinion review to make our readers know the true intentions of the make money site.
Is legit? Fortunely, this is one of the question that will be giving answer to at the end of this Metroopinion review. Review

Reviewing make money websites is one job that this platform as taken as a responsibility.
And at the conclusion of this review, you will find out all you need or require to make money on Metroopinion.

What is is a survey site that is providing income to their users.
Metro opinion maintained that this survey answers is used by company to improve their product research.

How to Earn from How does work

The fact that does not require any investment to earn on it makes it quite fascinating to use.
Here is how to earn on Metroopinion works or how the site really works.
After signing up on, Users will be informed by the website that he or she will receive mail from time to time when there is survey for them to do on the website.
Metro opinion user do not have for wait for this mail. They can start earning on few minutes after completing registration.
Login to site dashboard, navigate to survey. And you will see the survey available for you. Take the Metroopinion survey.
And give answer to the questione that you are asked in the survey. The site will be providing surveys to you from time to time. Check mail daily to check if Metro opinion send a survey to you. And this survey does not seem to have limit.
Do not panic if Metroopinion did not provide survey for you for some time. Metro opinion will send you a survey when their system find the one that fits your profile.
Metroopinion advise that their user should fill in your profile as much as possible because this increases the chance of receiving the right survey.
The commission for each surveys on Metroopinion varies from each other.

How to get MetroOpinion Referral does not provide any referral to earn initiative on the site. But that shouldn’t be a problem since Metro Opinion has more than enough survey to earn on it.
But you can invite individual to the make money website by telling them to visit Metro

When was Launched is a old paid survey website. And we can’t tell the real date when Metroopinion launched.

Where can be found

Metroopinion state on their website that they are located at Copenhagen, Denmark.
But their website can be accessed by the following continents- Europe, Oceanic, Asia, Africa, North America, South America
Make sure you select the withdrawal method that is available in your country when withdrawing on Metro opinion to avoid complications during transactions.

Who is the Owner of did not tell the name of any of their operator. And also did not provide the name of their owner.
MetroOpinion users should be less concerned about this particular information. As long as the site is paying. Sign Up

Getting a account or signing up on the site is very easy.
Sign up on Metro opinion by engaging in the steps below:
* Click Here
* Tap on the ‘START HERE’ icon with a yellow background. Which will automatically redirect user to the sign up section.
* Enter email address.
* Enter password (Password must be atleast 8 characters long).
* Click on Register.
User will receive a verification message on his or her mail. Verify your email address and gain access to Metroopinion platform. Login

Login to dashboard with the easy guide below
* Visit
* Tap on the three lined icon at the top right corner of the Metro opinion homepage.
* Select Login.
And you be able to login directly to your account.
Make sure you use the same device and browser you used to sign up on the website to login.

How to Withdraw on

Although, there are different withdrawal threshold on Metro opinion for different withdrawal methods.
After making enough money on and reaching the withdrawal threshold of the withdrawal method that you want to use on the site.
Withdraw on Metroopinion by:
* Click on the ‘Reward’ icon the website’s dashboard.
* Choose the withdrawal method that you want to use.
* Provide the information for the withdrawal method.
* Input password. state that the payment method their user choose must be linked to the same email address that they are using for completing surveys to avoid incomplete withdrawal.
To know the payment method provided for you country. Check this in the reward section.

Is Legit or Scam

No doubt that this is the query that 70% of individuals that are searching about want answers to.
And the answer to this query is that MetroOpinion is legit. This is base on all the reviews we find online from their users and other popular websites.
This does not guarantee that Metro opinion is 100% legit. But since does not require their users to invest in order to earn on it, which makes MetroOpinion less risky. They can take the Metroopinion survey to find out if the site is really paying
Afterall, the number of risk free make money website on the internet are few.
Thanks for reading this review. And we welcome your feedback and contribution about Metroopinion.

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