Testerup.com Review | Is Testerup Legit or scam?

Earning money online is really worth it, if individual are earning from a legit websites. Testerup.com cannot be tagged to be a new or old make money website because we have seen several ads about it for the past 7 months.

Because there are several platform online make money sites that are old or new that eventually turned out to be scam.

And in this review we will be giving you every information that you need to know about Testerup.

From the information that we see from most of their advertisement online Testerup.com claim that their user can get up to 800 USD instantly

after registering on Testerup by completing so assignment/task and earning money as a online tester.

We will be testing how credible or true this Testerup information is. And know if the make money website is really fulfilling their promises.

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    Testerup.com Review

    Testerup.com may be new to some individuals. And they may not know how the make money website really work. 

    In this review will put them through on how the can earn easily on Testerup. And most importantly, know if Testerup.com is legit or scam.

    What is Testerup.com

    Testerup was formerly called Testery but now regarded as Testerup. It is a website promising money to their users. One fascinating thing about Testerup.com is that it promises to give income to their users without investing capital in it.

    As the domain name of the make money site implies ‘Testerup’. Users get to earn income on Testerup.com by downloading game app via the website, which provides specified income for each game test.

    How to Earn from Testerup.com/ How does Testerup.com work

    Earn on Testerup is free but users have to go through some process to make money on it.

    On the Testerup.com dashboard, there is always available offers or tasks. And this offers include game test and survey.

    For the game test, Testerup customer have to download game provided by the website. Download the gaming app via the website

    And check your progress in the progress bar to make sure that the app you downloaded was successfully detected by Testerup.com.

    After Completing a total of five app download offers on Testerup. The user gets to becoma Premium tester for testerup. 

    And the customer will receive more offers, exclusive special offers

    Higher Compensation, participate in the points system for premium testers which will provide higher income.

    Taking survey on Testerup.com earnings is not as much as that of game testing. 

    In the survey, Users gets to express their opinion/view about a particular topic or products. 

    And Testerup user will be rewarded by the brands.

    Participate in the survey by registering, participate in poll and earn reward.

    Apart from the options stated above, the last way to earn Testerup is via referral.

    Game test is what provides the highest revenue to users on Testerup.com

    How to get Testerup.com Referrals

    There is a referral earning or commission for every member on Testerup.

    Testerup.com user can find their referral link on the site by:

    * Tap on the user icon at the top right corner of the site’s dashboard.

    * Select ‘Advertise members’

    * Scroll down and below you will find a referral link appointed to you by Testerup to invite new members.

    * Copy and send the link to the people that you will like to invite to Testerup.com.

    There are also several social media and other means sharing option in this section for example WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Email, SMS, Twitter.

    When was Testerup.com Launched

    Although, we can no say the particular date that Testerup.com was launched. But we noticed the website into limelight around the early months of 2022. And obviously Testerup is not a newly launched website.

    Who is the Owner of Testerup.com

    If there is one thing internet users always want to know about a make money website. It is the definitely the name of the owner.

    But it is quite sad that Testerup.com have not provided us with the name of the individual responsible for Testerup.

    Testerup.com Sign Up

    Even with the awesome earning reward the Testerup.com is offering. Signing up on Testerup is completely free and easy.

    Register on the website by:

    * Click on Testerup.com or search for the site on your mobile browser.

    * Tap on the red line with the inscription ‘Register for free’. Or scroll down to sign up on Testerup with Facebook or Google.

    * Enter email address and set password.

    * Click ‘Register for free now’ to finalize registration.

    After finalizing registration, Make sure you verify your email address after gaining access to the Testerup.com dashboard.

    Testerup app can also be downloaded via their website or play store and any other app store.

    Although, the Testerup.com app is not available in some countries/region.

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    Testerup.com Login

    To Login on Testerup, it mean that you must have successfully signed up on the website.

    Login on Testerup.com by:

    * Click Testerup.com.

    * Tap on the two lined icon at the top left corner of the home page.

    * Select ‘Login’

    *Enter email address and password. 

    If u signed up on Tester with your Facebook account. You don’t have to follow this process.

    Scroll down the homepage and tap on ‘Continue with Facebook’

    How to Withdraw on Testerup.com

    The minimum withdrawal amount on Testerup is 70 USD. Which means withdrawal transactions below 70 dollar cannot be processed on Testerup.com.

    Fund can be withdrawn to PayPal and other popular financial platform.

    And Testerup does not deduct any withdrawal commission or charges.

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    Is Testerup.com Legit or Scam

    There several legit make money website but Testerup is definitely not one of them.

    With several awesome promises that Testerup made to their customers. It is quite unfortunate to inform you that Testerup.com is a scam.

    After reaching the site’s withdrawal threshold. And performing the Testerup withdrawal action. The withdrawal method you provided will not be credited.

    Thanks for reading this Testerup.com review. Kindly share with family and friends so that they will not also waste their time on Testerup.

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