Review 2023 | Is Deriv Legit or Scam? Find out here.

There are several forex trade sites on the internet with different motives. But in this review we will be focusing a forex trade site called

Deriv is not a new website or platform. But we draft and publish this review to give our readers our honest opinion about

Now, let’s see what Deriv really have to offer. Review

Although, there are several reviews about on the internet. But some might not provide all the answers to some of the query you want to know about Deriv.

After reading this review, you will know all the necessary information you need to trade on the forex platform. And most importantly, find out if is legit or scam.

What is is a forex trading website providing trading opportunity to individuals from different part of the world.

Brokers are provided with several trading features on Deriv.

How to Earn from How to trade on

It is obvious that forex need investment or capital to trade on it. And is not an exception.

Invest on different stocks on Deriv. And monitor the volatility index chart to understand if stock market is going on

One interesting thing about Deriv is that users can make use of bot to trade. And they don’t have to stress their self on trading. The bot will do the trading process.

There are several  trading bot provide on with different trading efficiency. Even though, you don’t know anything about forex or broker the bot will help you on Deriv.

When was Launched

It is quite amazing that Deriv has been in the forex industry for very long period of time. was allegedly established in 1999. With millions of users across the world.

Who is the Owner of

Deriv is owned by Jean-Yves Sireau. And the platform is made to provide effective forex trading for broker. Account Types

The forex or broker site called Deriv has two types of account on their platform. Which is the demo account and real account. demo account is provided to customer for them to learn how trade work and understand the broker platform. And Deriv give them the sum of $10,000 to make use of the demo account efficiently.

Note that the money given in this demo mode are not real money that can be withdrawn, it is just for learning.

While the real account on Deriv is the real deal. With real account. Users get to invest on trade Sign Up

To get started with Deriv, you have to sign up on the forex website. Sign up on by following the easy steps provided below:

* Click

* Choose to sign upon Deriv with Email, Google, Facebook, Apple.

* Verify messagessage will be sent to the channel you use to sign up on the platform. Click on verify to complete sign up.

* Input country.

With the process above, you have only created a account. And the website with provide you with two account.

The two account are real account and demo account. Deriv demo account is provided for user to understand how forex trade work. And the site provides the demo account with $10,000 for testing trade and learning how to trade. app can also be downloaded on Google play store and App store on iOS for better user experience. Login

The only information required to login on Deriv is the email or any other mean you use to sign up and password.

How to create real account

After signing up on Create a Deriv real account by:

* Tap and Select real account option on the site’s homepage.
If you can’t find the real account option on the homepage of Make use of the drop-down button at the site homepage.

* Click ‘Add’ on Deriv account.

* Select account currency from either flat currency or cryptocurrency.

* Enter names, date of birth, Phone number, lines of address, town/city, state/province, postal/zip code.

* Select identity information. Either driver’s license or National identity number slip.

* Complete creating Deriv real account.

Where is prohibited broker is not available for trading in countries like United States of America, Canada and Hong Kong.

And Deriv services is not available to individuals below the age of 18.

How to Withdraw on

Withdraw on by following the steps provide below:

* Download the Deriv P2P app.

* Login to the app.

* Verify email.

* Select withdrawal method. Bank transfer,Astropay, cryptocurrency platform and so many other methods.

* Enter amount to withdraw.

* Input password.

It is advisable to download the P2P app on Google play store or App store on iOS.

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How to Deposit on

Deposit on by following the instructions below:

* Login to Deriv.

* Navigate to cashier section.

* Select payment method that is suitable for your country.

* Enter amount you want to deposit.

* Provide the payment method account information and login.

* Check balance and confirm payment with the wallet.

* Confirm your email address.

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Is Legit or Scam

Apart from, if you check the review of most broker or forex platforms online. You will see reviews from customers that the platform will take your money and all that. Which is not true

Individuals have to understand that trading on forex platforms is a win or lose investment. And the reason why most customer lose is because they lack good knowledge and skills to trade on broker initiative.

Anyways, Deriv is a legit broker platform that you can invest and trade on. And you get to understand how to trade asset, stock & indices, cryptocurrency and so many other features.

It is safe to trade on if the right knowledge is implemented on it. And be ready to gain or lose on because stocks up and down.

In conclusion, before you trade on any forex website like, acquire a forex trading skill or better still make the Deriv trade bot do the trading for you.

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