Octafx.com Review 2023 | Is Octafx Legit or Scam. Find out about Octafx trading app.

Trading on the Forex platform is a source to earn online but a lot of internet users do not know how to trade on it.

In this review, we will be concentrating on a forex or broker platform called Octafx.
Octafx.com has been in existence for quite a long period but some internet users do not know how the Octafx trading app works. And take advantage by earning on Octafx.com.

Octafx.com Review

Recently, we have seen a lot of ads talking about Octafx on social media and other internet platforms.
And we know you might want to get involved with Octafx.com. Which is why we published this honest Octafx review.  Octafx is a legit forex trading platform.

What is Octafx.com

Octafx.com or Octafx trading app they have both a website and an app. It is a forex or broker-built initiative for investors to earn.

How to Earn from Octafx.com/ How does Octafx.com work

Before intending to earn on OctaFX
Like every other forex trading or broker platform, it is advisable to understand or have knowledge of how forex work or better still make use of Octafx demo mode for testing and acquiring broker knowledge.
Now, you can implement the knowledge by trading on Octafx.
Octafx.com is an initiative for both small and big investors to make use of the gained income. And helping forex traders to secure a better future. With this, we understand that Octafx requires the deposition of money before trading on the platform.
Users can also earn by referring new members to Octafx with the referral link provided to users on the platform.

How to get Octafx.com Referrals

One thing about Octafx referral is that it provides income for users. Invite and earn on Octafx trading by.
* Depositing any amount on Octafx.
After making the deposit, the user will be provided with a unique invitation or Affiliate link.
* Copy and share the link with family and friends.
When the invitee registers on Octafx with this unique referral link, the invitee gets a one-time 100% bonus on their deposit.
And the Octafx inviter earns the sum of 1 USD per each lot traded by their invitee.
This invitation earnings can be transferred to the user’s profit to a trading account or withdrawn the funds after completely verifying your Octafx profile.

When was Octafx.com Launched

Octafx.com was launched in 2011. With millions of users across the world.
Octafx trading app can be used in any country across the world because it is a universal forex initiative.

Who is the Owner of Octafx.com

It is allegedly reported that the CEO / manager of Octafx.com is Georgios D. Pantzis.

Octafx.com Sign Up

There are two approaches to signing up on the Octafx platform. It is either visiting their website on the internet at Octafx.com or downloading the Octafx trading app on Google Play Store on Android or App Store on iOS devices
* Select sign up
* Choose between signing with Google, Facebook, or email.
• By choosing to sign up on Octafx.com with Google.
The platform will automatically download the date of birth and other information you used to set up the primary Google account email address that you selected to sign up on Octafx.
• By choosing to sign up on the fx trading app with email.
The user is required to input first name, last name, email address, and pass and word. And complete your Octsign-upn by confirming your email address by clicking the link sent to your email inbox.
After the confirmation enter your country, Phone number. And agree or disagree with the USA Tax disclaimer.
This disclaimer is to confirm if a user is a U.S. citizen or lives in the U.S. The purpose of this disclaimer seems to be the purpose of U.S.-dependent countries and states which can also be said to be part of the main areas of the United States of America.
Octafx with a promised commitment to defend and hold harmless Octa Markets Incorporate. With a secured Octafx trading app user information is safe and secure.
• By choosing to sign up on Octafx.com with Facebook
We advise that you download the Octafx trading app for easy navigation and accessibility.

Octafx.com Login

Login to Octafx by accessing their site or mobile app.
* Select Login.
* Login to Octafx with the option you choose while signing up. Either by Google, Facebook, or Email.

How to deposit on Octafx.com

* Tap ‘Deposit’ on the
Octafx dashboard.
* Deposit by choosing from the deposit channels provided by the platform. Nigeria local bank, Bitcoin, Dogecoin Ethereum, Litecoin, Skrill, Tether (Trc20), Tether (Erc20).
And there is a minimum amount attached to each deposit channel on Octafx.

Where Octafx.com can be found

Octafx can be used by everyone across the world. And their location is stated on their website.

How to Withdraw on Octafx.com

Note that, you need to verify your Octafx account to withdraw on the platform.
Withdraw on the Octafx.com website by.
* Tap ‘Withdraw’ on the website dashboard.
* Enter the email address and password.
* Choose the withdrawal method
Nigeria local bank, Bitcoin, Dogecoin Ethereum, Litecoin, Skrill, Tether (Trc20), Tether (Erc20)
* Input amount to withdraw
And complete withdrawal.

Is Octafx.com Legit or Scam

Octafx is a legit broker platform that is providing forex earning initiatives.
Do not be scared to trade on the Octafx trading app because the site is safe and 100% trustworthy.
With this Octafx.com review, you can now start trading on the platform because you won’t lose anything. Instead, you stand a chance to increase your income on Octafx.com
We strongly advise the individual that wants to get involved with Octafx to understand how Forex works before getting involved with it.
Because when some Octafx users lose money on the platform, they will think that the site is a scam because they are ignorant of how Octafx.com works.
You can also participate in the ongoing Octafx.com giveaway which is said to last from 15 November to 13 December 2022. And win a cash prize of $5000, a Mobile phone, video games, and many more. Participate by getting the Octafx raffle tickets on the platform.

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