Review | Is Answered Legit or Scam?

It is awesome how you can start earning money by taking survey and giving answers and opinions about a particular topic. is newly launched website with such feature.

Currently Answered.questionpro is one of the few survey completing make money site.
And it promises to provide income to members by converting point earned on their website into cash, voucher and several other means of payment.

After reading this writeup, you will know all the stuffs requires to earn Answered and if really worth it. Review

We have seen websites in the past promising as did. And eventually turned out to be scam.

At the end of this review, you will know if the site is legit or scam.

What is

Answered is a free earning platform that does not requires investing capital. Users get to earn simply be taking surveys. And this survey is completed on by giving answers to questions or opinion about a particle question. is a South African website with a growing amount of users day by day.

How to Earn from How does work

After successfully signing up on, users will be required to complete their profile detail and earn 20 points before they can start survey and other means to earn on Answered. With this, user earn a badge, verified profile and become survey worthy.

Members can now start earning by taking survey and earning points on the
There is a 10 point reward for each survey done on

These points earn can be converted into cash reward. Some of the point that can be converted to cash prize are stated below.

50 points for R100 cash payment on

75 points for R150 cash payment.

100 points for R200 cash payment.

125 points for R250 cash payment on

150 points for R300 cash payment.

175 points for R350 cash payment.

200 points for R400 cash payment on Answered.

225 points for R450 cash payment.

250 points for R500 cash payment.

275 points for R550 cash payment.

300 points for R600 cash payment on

325 points for R650 cash payment.

350 points for R700 cash payment.

375 points for R750 cash payment.

400 points for R800 cash payment on Questionpro.

425 points for R850 cash payment.

450 points for R900 cash payment.

475 points for R950 cash payment.

500 points for R1000 cash payment

How to get Referrals

Referral on is quite easy to do. Refer new members to Answered by.

* Tap on the profile icon on the site dashboard.

* Select ‘Invite a friend’

* Input the email address of the individual you wish to invite to

* Tap ‘Invite friend’ after inputing the email. user get  5 points rewards for referral. Members will only be rewarded if it meets the eligibility requirements and the invitee does the sign up steps.

The Questionpro referral system tracks the emails user provided. And also if your initee  accepted your invitation.

When was Launched was launched on the 16th of November. With this you can see that this article was published two day after Answered launched. Which might be the why we don’t provide the accurate answer to some few queries.

Who is the Owner of

For a make money website that is newly launched, it is quite normal for such site to not have reveal its owner. And is not an exception because Answered have not officially state the name of the owner or founder.

But we know that is a South African website. And the address to their office is provided in the Answered contact us section. Sign Up

As long as you have access to the internet, it is quite free and easy to sign up on And it does not require any information that is hard for you to provide.

Sign up on Answered.Questionpro by following the steps stated below.

* Click on

* Scroll the page and tap on sign up.

* Fill in first name, middle name (Optional), valid email address, username, password and confirm password.

Note that, your password must contain not less than eight character, both capital and small letters. And also a numeric and special characters for Answered to accept your password.

* Tap on ‘Sign up’

After the above process, users will be required to verify their email address to access features.

If you don’t find the verification email in your mailbox, check the spam section for it.
Tap on the link and you will automatically redirected to the Answered login dashboard. Login

To login on, you must have completed the site’s sign up. login only requires your email address and password.

Login on by.

* Tap on

” Enter email and password.

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How to Withdraw on users  can only redeem the point equivalent to the cash provided on the site. Answered.questionpro user can also decide to give is earning to charity.

Withdraw your Answered income by:

* Navigate to your profile section on your dashboard.

* Withdraw the income by entering  your bank account details.

Payment will be made to the bank account you provided to the site.

Note that Questionpro state that they only make payment into a bank account that has your name and they won’t make payment into bank account that does not belong to you. Make sure the bank account you provided to has the same name as the one on your profile.

Is Legit or Scam

Although, there are several testimony from users that claim the site is legit. But we cannot consider such information to be true or false about because it is still very new as at the time this Questionpro review was publish.

Since questionpro does not require user to invest capital, it really worth trying if you wish to earn. A

Accumulate the Answered points and try to withdraw. Afterall, if the website turns out to be scam you will not be losing anything except your time.

Thanks for reading this review. And we welcome your opinion and contribution about

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