Review l Is Shopeov Legit or scam?

Several make money platform have come to the internet space. And eventually turned out to be a scam. Which is why this why we reviewed a newly launched make money platform called

Shopeov seems to be the trending make money platform for now. And we want to let our readers know if it is legit or scam. Review

The aim of this review is to make internet users know how Shopeov really works. And importantly provide answers to queries like- Is legit or scam, how to withdraw on it and so on.

What is can be regarded as an e-commerce channel that partened with other e-commerce merchant. And it was created to increase the sales of different products.

Shopeov members can earn by investing and completing orders on the website. And this help the e-commerce group efficiently make sales.

How to Earn from How does work

Earning on Shopeov does not require much labour, but one thing you should about is that it is essential to deposit on it, in order to earn.

With the deposition on, you can now start taking task and completing order. The order on Shopeov are split into eight, with different investment and profit.

Let’s take a look at the investments and profit.

VIP 1 on Shopeov

Invest 30 USDT

Complete 10 order and get 2 USDT daily, 60 USDT monthly.

VIP 2 on

Invest 100 USDT

Complete 10 order and get 9 USDT daily, 279 USDT monthly.


Invest 300 USDT

Complete 10 order and get 29 USDT daily, 870 USDT monthly.

VIP 4 on

Invest 500 USDT

Complete 10 order and get 50 USDT daily, 1500 USDT monthly.


Invest 1000 USDT

Complete 10 order and get 120 USDT daily, 3600 USDT monthly.

VIP 6 on Shopeov

Invest 3000 USDT

Complete 10 order and get 380 USDT daily, 11400 USDT monthly.

VIP 7 on

Invest 5000 USDT

Complete 10 order and get 600 USDT daily, 1800 USDT monthly.


Invest 10000 USDT

Complete 10 order and get 1500 USDT daily, 45000 USDT monthly.

Another way to get VIP activities is by  inviting new members to  VIP 1 on And the site also gives bonus for first deposit. For example, users get $5 bonus for $100 first deposit and so on.

To generate more income on Shopeov, you can also form a team, with this members can earn additional commission daily from it.

There is a section on Shopeov that is labelled ‘Lucky’. And this is another means users can use to earn on the site. With this, members get to spin the wheel for a fixed amount of time daily.

And earn up to 20 USDT everyday. One thing about this lucky draw is that after the first three spin. User can only spin the wheel again by inviting friends. The system will transfer the money you by toping up your Shopeov balance. There is also an extra reward for uploading evidence of withdrawal on

How to get Referrals

Refer new members to to earn more income and improve VIP level.

Refer by following the steps provided below.

* Navigate to the ‘User’ section on the homepage.

* Tap on ‘Share link’

* Copy promo code or link.

* Send the promo code or link to individuals you will like to invite to the Shopeov. maintained that one of the amazing reward in 2022 is by registering three free wheel spinning chances. And reward up to 999 USDT.

When was Launched is fairly a new website. And it was launched in the early days of November 2022. And claims to have a headquarter in Singapore.

Who is the Owner of

As of the time this article was published, is still keeping the name of its owner anonymous. Sign Up

You can sign up on with or without a withdrawal link or code. To sign up on Shopeov.

* Visit

* Enter username, password, confirm password, verification code, invitation code (Optional).

* Tap Submit.

And with this, you have completed your sign up. Login

After successfully creating a account, login on the the website by:

* Click on

* Enter username, password and verification code.

* Tap on ‘Login’

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How to Withdraw on

Shopeov minimum withdrawal amount is 1 USDT. And when the account balance is 30 USDT on, only level 1 user can activate withdrawal.

There is a withdrawal icon provided on the user section.

*  Tap on the ‘Withdraw’ icon.

* Setup and confirm withdrawal password.

* Enter name, email and USDT – Trc20 wallet address.

* Enter withdrawal amount.

* Input transaction password.

Note that, you must enter the correct USDT amount and wallet address. And completing the withdrawal process, do not repeat the action continuously, only once.

Incase, you enter the wrong amount on, you can contact the Shopeov customer care service.

Recharge your account by:

* Click on ‘Recharge’

* Copy or scan the Shopeov withdrawal wallet.

* Make deposit to the account via USDT – Trc20 channel.

* After deposition is completed, make sure to click the ‘Confirm the recharge icon’ on the website.

The minimum deposition amount on the site is 5 USDT and the maximum is 1000000 USDT.

Is Legit or Scam

We will like to consider two factor to determine if is legit or scam. does not even verify if you enter a wrong wallet address for withdrawal or email and the task or order reward on Shopeov are too awesome for a newly launched site to achieve.

Although, we don’t have any proof from any individual stating that is legit or scam. But there’s a  are 50-50 percent probability that sure that Shopeov will turn out to be a scam or scam.

With this little factor, we advise Shopeov users not to deposit USDT that they can afford to lose. And if they want to risk investment on that should invest little because even if the site turn out to be legit, it will eventually crash.

Afterall, most make money websites only last for a short period of time. And Shopeov is notscript an exception.

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