Review | Is Freemoney4click Legit or scam?

As the domain name of the website implies it is quite obvious that this is a money providing website.

Freemoney4click is a new website in the make money industry that is promising to reward its users for completing tasks, survey, referrals and other stuff.

Since the website ( ) is new we have decided to bring you a review about it. Review

    What we really want our readers to find out is if is really providing free money for clicks on their website.

    And at the end of this writeup, you will find out about some of the most frequently asked questions about Freemoney4click.

    What is

    Freemoney4click is a newly launched make money website.  And this site seems  advertising network that wants to generate traffic.

    Advertising offers to different Applications and website that includes Content Lockers, Android,  iOS Mobile Apps, Websites, and media buyers. And claim to work with a cost per click (CPC) initiative.

    The fact that is a Nigerian website does not mean that individuals from countries outside Nigeria cannot earn from it because the site a global means for transactions.

    How to Earn from How does work

    To earn on, members have to certain task provided on the site. And this task does not require funding or investment.

    This Freemoney4click task is so easy that, even a individual that does not know much about the internet can access and perform it.

    Some of the tasks available on with their profit or income includes-

    Install app job on Freemoney4click – complete this particular task on the site and get the sum of 1,0874 naira.

    Social media job – This requires  member to post Whatsapp status, upload YouTube video, post in Facebook, post in Instagram.
    After doing this task, make sure you submit screenshot and Url to be rewarded with 1,0874 naira on

    Refer friend to Freemoney4click with your referral link.  And get 869 naira for each individual that clicks on the link. With an additional sum of 4,349 when they sign up.

    Completing survey jobs on– This is Captcha filling job, where users are asked to fill in word.

    And this task is quite easy, because these words are already provided in a box by the website. And there is no limitations to the amount of captcha you can fill in a day.

    There is a prize or reward of ₹50 per captcha entry. Note that users won’t earn if they input the wrong captcha word.

    Visit the Freemoney4click reward center and participate in the loyalty program. will get you token in this section as a reward for using their website.

    This reward center works in such a way that user earn 2 point for every 869 naira generated in their account.

    After accumulating several points, the point can be exchanged for different prizes. For example Airpod, laptop, Phone, Xbox, Drone and other gadget available on

    How to get Referrals has a referral program to allow it members earn.

    Members can find the Freemoney4click referral link in the refer and earn section of the website.

    It is stated on the Freemoney4click website that they do not entertain bot traffic.

    Where can be found

    The said that they can be found in  B008, Lower Ground Floor, Industrial Estate,
    Delhi, Nigeria. But this is a scam.

    Afterall, No legit website can claim to be in two different country with the same location for each country. Freemoney4click can only be found on the internet and it is a scam website.

    When was Launched

    Freemoney4click was launched in October 2023. And this makes it a very new website among website that are providing income to users.

    Who is the Owner of

    We can’t say for sure who the owner of Freemoney4click is. Because the site did not state the name of the actual owner.

    The couple of names stated on the website seems to be fake. Sign Up

    Signing up on does not require much stress and it is completely free to sign on the site.

    Follow the instructions below to sign up on Freemoney4click.

    * Click on which will take you to the site homepage or search on your browser.

    * Tap on the three lined icon at the top of the site homepage. And select Register or scroll down on the homepage until you find a icon tagged ‘Get started’

    * Enter username, email, password, password again.

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    The only information required to login on is the email address and password you provided to the website while signing up on Freemoney4click.

    How to Withdraw on

    Freemoney4click has a withdrawal threshold which is $200. And this fund can be accumulated by completing at least 6 apps or surveys job.

    After accumulating such amount and you wish to withdraw on the site.

    Navigate the payment center by clicking the three lined icon at the bottom of the site homepage.

    * Request payment in USD or Naira.

    * Select from the payment method which includes- Opay, Verve, Bitcoin, Bank transfer ( Nigeria only ), PayPal, USDT, Western Union, Zelle, Phone and Venmo.

    * Enter payee full name.

    * Input payment details.

    * Request payment. maintained that the payment will be completed in 10 working days. And their fast payments is usually completed within 24 hours unless under review.

    Is Legit or Scam

    The answer to the query if Freemoney4click is legit or scam is eventually revealed to us. And it quite sad to inform you that is a scam.

    After completing several task and requesting for payment, you will be credited to your selected withdrawal method. is just using it’s website to generate traffic without paying their users.

    Although, the Freemoney4click website does not require investment but it is a complete waste of time and effort.

    Thanks for reading this honest Freemoney4click review. We will like to know your questions and opinions about in the box below.

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