Review | Is Novacart Legit or scam?

Internet has no doubt provided job for numerous individuals. And seem to be good for the eradication of poverty in the society.

The number of online make money platforms tend to be growing day by day. Which is responsible for financial freedom for various individuals. And one of online make money platform is
Internet users are still scared to get involve with make money websites because some are scam. Which is why we ( Alphazeal ) have taken the job of reviewing online make money website.
In today review, we looking at a recently launched make money website called
Novacart is one those website that promises to pay it’s users for clicking ads, and completing some other easy task. We discovered that has no information yet about it on the internet.
At the end of this article, readers will know how really work. Sign up process, login process and other vital information they need to know concerning the website. Review is a new website in the online make money industry, so internet user maybe afraid to indulge in it because it might be legit or a scam.
And at the end of this review, reader will find out if is legit or a scam. So they can know if they should get involve with it or not.

What is is a make money platform that has comes to provide income for it’s user for completing task and investing on the platform. There are different subscription package available for users to earn on the platform.
One interesting thing about novacart is that their users don’t necessarily have to invest money before they can start earning. And the main motive is to provide income.

How to earn on How does work

Novacart seem to be a website that runs ads and pay it’s user for clicking the ads. Without requiring much labour from it’s users.
With or without depositing money on has provided it’s users with numerous means by which their users can earn.
Since the website earnings is based on watching ads, users can earn novacart without a given limit.
To watch ads and make money on the website, users should click the three lined icon at the top of the dashboard, Tap on PTC, select ads. Here users will find various ads, click on view now, to watch ads and claim your reward of up to $1.0.
Reward varies depending on the package user subscribe to on So it is advicable for users to subscribe for higher packages for great income. referral is also worth engaging in because, users are given commission for referring new members to novacart. And this commission also varies based on user’s package.

How to get Referrals

There is a commission uses get for referring new user to the website.
Refer new users to novacart by clicking the three lined icon at the top of the website dashboard, select referral, tap on referred user.
Here you will find your unique link. Copy and paste it to the individual you want to invite to the website.
Income earned via novacart referral tends to increase based on the package user’s subscribe to and the level they are in the package.

Who is the owner of

One of the few questions we haven’t gotten answer to in this honest review is the identity of the website owner.
And this is because the owner the website has decided to keep his or her identity had a secret.
We will surely update our reader once the identity of owner is eventually revealed to the public.

Where you can find

There is no specified location where novacart can be found on their website. And the site seem to be accessible by all countries of the world.
The currency of transaction on is USD, which makes easy for users to transact on it.

When was launched is a new website, which is yet to gain popularity in the make money industry. was launched in April, 2022. And seem to be a promising website that has come to stay for a long time in the make money industry. Sign Up

Signing up on novacart is completely free.
To register or sign up on follow the steps below.
Click on which redirect you to the website homepage.
Tap on the registration button at the top of novacart homepage.
Fill your name, email address, create password and input other necessary information you asked. Then tap on register.
With this you have successfully created an account on Login

After signing up with, users can login by clicking the login button at the website homepage. Input username and password.
With this users will be able to log in successfully on novacart.

How to withdraw on

The minimum withdrawal limit on novacart is $30. After accumulating up to $30, simply withdraw on the website by clicking the three lined icon at the top of the website dashboard, tap on withdraw, select withdraw now.
Withdrawal is done only through Paypal, enter amount and proceed withdrawal. Charge 0.25 USD and 10.00% is imposed on every withdrawal transaction.

Is Legit or scam

Since there no information yet about if it is a scam or legit. We find it hard to declare that the website is legit or a scam.
But considering the factors of the website, can be considered to be a scam because the promises made by the website are to awesome for a upcoming website to fulfill. And they might just be using the site to run ads and waste individual time.
Money is worth making, so you might try but do not invest your money in it.
Novacart.cart can not be considered to be 100% scam and you shouldn’t invest what you can’t afford to lose in it.
Thanks for reading this honest review. And you can drop all your query query and question concerning below.

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