Review ( Is Forum24 legit or scam? )

There are a lot of website that are promising to pay their members on the internet. And is one of such website.

Making money online can be difficult if individuals don’t follow the right process to earn on the platforms.
Several make money platform offer money to their users simply by completing task, investing and so many other means. But what Forum24 offers to earn on their website is quite different.
In this writeup, we will be reviewing And putting individuals through the process on how to earn on Forum24. is interesting because user just have to express their opinion on a particular thing to earn on the website.
Alot of internet users don’t know about yet because it is a recently launched website which is promising to reward it’s user by completing survey.
And at end of this article, you will find out all the necessary information required to make money on
And most importantly, know if Forum24 is legit or a scam. Review

    Since is a recently launched site, with no review available about it on the internet. Most internet users waste their time on online platform that eventually don’t provide the services they promise. Which is why we decided to make research about the Forum24 , And give you a honest review.

    What is is a online make money website, which claim to be powered by Daily Sun and City Press newspapers. Since Forum24 offers airtme and other voucher, we can regard it as money since it is a good reward.
    One interesting thing about Forum24 is that you make money by expressing your opinion in a survey. these online surveys you can express your opinion and thoughts on a large number of issues and topics where there is no right or wrong answers.
    Basically, reward it’s user with airtime and online shopping voucher.
    And their user’s name and identity will never be linked to your survey responses. Which means your privacy is safe on
    As the domain of the website sounds, we can regard the site to be a money making forum.

    How to earn on How does work

    From the moment, you sign up successfully with, you can start earning point on the website, the sign up survey gets users 30 points.
    And they are several other survey that users can use to earn points. The more information Forum24 users supply to the website, the better their chances are of receiving a survey invite, which will help you earn more points to reap the Rewards.
    Another vital means to get point on Forum24 is by referral. Refer a friend a get a sum of 5 points.
    After, accumulating several point on, users can now convert the point to airtime and online shopping voucher of several packages.

    How to invite or refer on 

    Referring family and friends to fetch uses 5 points.
    Refer simply by clicking the Refer a friend icon at the website homepage, complete the form with your friend’s first name, last name, and email address. Then click the email my friend button.
    After, doing this on, invitation will be sent to your friend directly via email.
    Users should note that a maximum of three fully registered referrals are permitted per month.

    When was launched

    We said earlier that Forum24 is a recently launched website, which is the reason why many individual don’t know about it yet. was launched in the late day of April, 2022.

    Who is the owner of

    Since, is a new website, it is quite normal for it’s users to be anxious about the identity of the owner. But Forum24 has not reveal the identity of it’s owner.
    Which we believe that his/her identity will be revealed as time goes on.

    Where you can find

    It really matters to know if the website you want to earn on, is suitable for your country or not. is a South African website.
    And the services that Forum24 is providing is only available for South Africans. Although, can be accessed by all countries of the world. Sign Up

    Signing Up on is completely free and safe. Sign up on the platform simply by clicking on which basically lead you to the website homepage, tap on Join Forum24, Input first name, last name, email address and create password.
    After this, you can now click on register. Forum24 users will be required to verify their email address. Once verification is complete, user have successfully signed up for Forum24.
    Users should note that only one Panel membership profile is permitted per person. Multiple profile creation will result in all benefits being withdrawn. And don’t bother to sign up on if you are not from South Africa. Login

    To login on Forum24, it means you must have completed sign up.
    You can now login on the website by:
    * Visit the website at on your browser.
    * Tap on the login icon on the website’s homepage. 
    * Input email address and password.
    After providing the correct email and password on Forum24, you will be able to login successfully on the site.

    How to withdraw on

    Withdrawal on simply means how can you can get your airtime and online shopping voucher.
    Withdraw by clicking the Select a reward icon on the website homepage. Select airtime or voucher, And fill in the necessary information you are asked. Users will only be able to redeem a reward if they have the required number of points shown for each reward.

    Is Legit or Scam

    In the early day, when was launched it was providing airtime and other services that they promise their customer.
    As of the time this article was published, Forum24 no longer providing income to their user. Therefore, is a scam.
    If you have any unanswered query about Kindly drop it below.

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