Review | Is Bitclicks Legit or scam? Find Out Here.

There are alot of scam online make money platform on the internet, which has definitely hinder the progress of making money on the internet.

In this article we will be reviewing a recently launched make money platform called is a website which promises pay it’s user for their links being clicked.

One interesting thing about Bitclicks is that, there is no limit to earning on the website and it can be accessed by all countries of the world.

In this article, you will find out all information regarding

Now let’s engage fully in the world… Review

    We have taken the job of reviewing but old and recently launched sites. And we have searched the internet regarding review. Which after researching, we found that bitclicks has no review about it to be scam or legit.

    And at the end this article, readers will find out if is legit or scam and answer other frequently asked questions by internet users

    What is

    According to the website, Bitclicks claim to be a bitcoin platform that pays their user commission for clicks they received after sharing a unique link with their friends. And friends don’t even have to register or fill out forms for users to earn, as long as they visit your link. And their services are available all over the world.

    In other words, can be regarded as a click and earn scheme.

    How to make money on

    After completing signing up on, you can start earning instantly on the website by clicking go to dashboard icon, enter your names and select currency that is suitable for you. By doing this on bitclicks, you have successfully select your currency for transaction on the website.

    Since, earning on is literally based on people clicking your link with a specified a amount of money attach per clicks.

    New account on Bitclicks. are required to be activate by making once-off activation payment fee of ZAR 30.00 / 2.00 USD. After the account is activated, bitclicks will no longer be asked users to activate on the website again. Payment can be made via bank payment and Litecoin. 

    After successfully activating your account. Users can now earn easily by sending the sharing link which is available on their bitclicks dashboard to their friend and earn their commission by click generated from their link.

    Rent a robot on bitclicks for specific number of day, which can enhance your clicks, the robot will cost you a specific amount of money, user will need enough fuel for the robot to keep working. If you wondering what fuel mean on, it is the amount of clicks you can have, when someone clicks your link, one fuel is deducted per clicks. user should be focused on sharing their link to larger audience, to earn easily and efficiently.

    Note that, if Bitclicks users don’t activated their account. They won’t be able to use all the website’s features, but can still share their link with others to earn commission.

    How to get Referrals

    Earning on is logically based on referrals. Users can refer by copying and pasting their link on the website dashboard to their friend and others.

    Do not gain referral commission with fake or bot traffic on Bitclicks, because the website will detect invalid traffic. And this can lead to suspension of account and loss of earnings.

    How to withdraw on

    After, earning on, the minimum withdrawal threshold is $5.56, after reaching the threshold.

    Bitclicks users can withdraw by clicking the three lined icon at the website dashboard, add withdrawal detail either account number or Litecoin account details, select account type and submit withdrawal details on Withdrawal usually takes time up to 24 hours for account reviewing.

    Free withdrawals and other premium services are offered on

    Ensure you provide a valid Litecoin account detail on Bitclicks to avoid loss of income.

    When launched is a recently launched website, And it was introduced to the online make money industry in late days of late days of February, 2022.

    The age of a income providing platform does not determine if it is legit or scam.

    Who is the Owner or founder of

    The identity of the owner of is presently undisclosed.

    We promise to update our readers once it is finally revealed.

    Where can be found

    There is no specific country stated on the website, where it can be found. But it is clearly stated on the website that it can be accessed across all countries of the world.

    And transaction can be made efficiently on platform because of the variety of currency available on the website and the cryptocurrency initiative. Sign Up

    New users can sign up on for free by clicking on, which direct you to the website homepage, tap on sign up. And input all necessary information you are asked to fill. And click on complete sign up.

    With this, you have completely sign up on Login

    To login on, navigate to the website login page. And fill in your username and password. With this you will be able to login successfully on the website.

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    Is Legit or Scam

    After making all possible research to find out if is legit or scam, we are unable to conclude that bitclicks is legit or a scam, because the website is yet to gain popularity and seem to have no complain concerning it from it’s few users. has review about it on its website but we can’t trust such review because no website will write a scam review about itself.

    Which makes us strongly advise our readers not to invest what they can’t afford to lose on And they can keep inviting individuals to the site, until you accumulate enough income to withdraw.

    Thanks for reading this honest review, And feel free to drop your queries and comment below.

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