Review | Is Autotrad Legit or scam? Find out here

If you find yourself on this page, it is probably because you are searching about And you a have encountered the right page.

In today’s review, we will be reviewing a new earning platform called You may have come across autotrad on the internet but don’t know what it is all about.

Autotrad seem to be a website that is based on digital currency transaction, which is a generally accepted currency around the world.

At the end of this writeup, reader will find out all about autotrad. And one vital information we must bring to you is if autotrad is legit or a scam.

Before we begin, do you know promise to give it users $10 as a sign up bonus. Review

    Autotrad is a new website which alot of internet users don’t know how to operate and earn on it yet. Which is why we have decided to bring our readers a honest review.

    And at the end of this review, reader will know stuffs like autotrad login, sign up and other important queries about the website.

    What is claim to be a website that has come to create financial freedom to it’s users, while user utilize their automatic trading tools. has also come with the intention to developing a large scale trading tool. And a platform for everyone. users don’t even have to stress themselves to earn because of the availability of autotrad robots. claim to that they have been running business since 2015, and accomplished brilliant outcome.

    How to make money on How does work

    There are two major ways to earn on which is by investment and referral.

    To make money on, user have to subscribe to the available package on the website. The payment processor on is by cryptocurrency. Which can be done by perfect money, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, and Dashcoin.

    You will receive $10.00 as Sign Up Bonus, users will need at least a $20 Deposit to activate your account, start earning from 5% daily and make withdrawals.

    One interesting thing about packages is that you can determine your profit before you invest because there is a calendar on the site to calculate your profit for the package you want invest in.

    Now, to the referral aspect of autotrad, this means can be effective, if users can invite a large number of audience to the site. Each level has it’s referral commission. For example level 1 users of get 5% referral commission.

    Users can also participate in the Leadership program. Which includes

    3 direct active referrals get user $20 Bonus. And creating a social media group to promote to the website

    9 direct active referrals get user $100 Bonus SUPERVISOR. And record a Testimonial video, get branded t-shirt

    27 direct active referrals get users $500 Bonus MANAGER. And organise a meetup.

    81 direct active referrals get user $1000 Bonus CHAIRMAN. Andhost a presentation.

    243 direct active referrals get user $5000 Bonus DIRECTOR. And get Autotrad bot reseller’s rights (earn 50% commission from every Autotrad bot purchased by your referrals).

    Many awesome leadership program to select from on

    How to refer or invite on

    To get referral can follow these simple steps below.

    Scroll a little bit down to the section where you will your referral link on the autotrad dashboard. Copy link and invite your friends and family members or promote your referrals link on other popular sites or social media. And earn commission according to your level.

    How to withdraw on

    Before withdrawal, users should link their cryptocurrency wallet to autotrad. withdrawal can be done by clicking the withdrawal icon on the website dashboard. Input necessary information and proceed to withdraw. Withdrawal will be made within 24 hours to user’s selected payment processor.

    When launched was launched in the late days of March,2022. And claim it will be officially launched on the 16th of May 2022.

    And seems to be a promising that has come to provide financial freedom to it’s user.

    Who is the Owner of

    One of the vital information to know about a new website is the identity of the website owner, which has made us research about the identity of the owner of

    But autotrad has decided to keep the identity of it’s owner as a secret. Which may not be good for the reputation of the website.

    We promise to update this section of the article once we find out the owner of

    Where can be found can be found by visiting their at, because the country or location where autotrad can found is not stated on the website.

    User can make easy transactions on the website, since the website involves cryptocurrency. Sign Up

    To sign up for simply click , which directs you to the website’s homepage, where you will find a yellow tagged icon with home inscription, click the icon and select sign in. Input all necessary information and tap on register. Login

    After completing your registration on, follow the steps you followed for sign in, but this time you have to select login. Input username and password. And you will be able to login on autotrad successfully.

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    Is Legit or Scam

    Now, to the main objective of this article, Is legit or a scam. This question can not be answered yet because with no complain about it yet. After all there is no risk free make money website on the Internet, so users can try autotrad out.

    But according to our observation, seems to be a Ponzi scheme that will only this services to user for a given period of time. By investing in the platform, invest only things you can afford to lose.

    Thanks for reading this honest review, And we promise to bring you more information about the website, once they unfold.

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