Review (Is Stingky legit or scam? ) Find out here.

Online earning platforms use to have few reviews about it when it is still very new. And is one such money making a website with little or no review about it yet due to its newness.

Stingky was recently launched, so you might not have heard about it. And that shouldn’t be a problem any longer because we bring to you this review.

Now, let’s begin this review. Review

    After reading this writeup, you will understand how work and the way the website intends to provide income to users.

    And for those having trust issues about Stingky, it will be made clear to you if is legit or scam.

    What is is a way to make money online, it is a website that acts as a third-party order platform partnering with top shopping firms. Users can earn on the website by subscribing and grabbing orders.

    And the shopping firm using the Stingky system can determine the numbers of sales and income on the platform.

    The firm that claim to partner with on their website includes- Amazon, Alibaba, Shopify, Orami, Lazada, Walmart, and Bukalapak.

    How to make money on

    Making money on is easy for both young and old individuals. Because all Stingky requires from their users to earn is subscribing and grabbing orders.

    What we mean by subscribing to is that you will have to invest capital in the website.

    Stingky credit its users with a sum of 5 USDT as a sign up bonus. And the membership level and commission on the site vary from each other.

    Membership level 1 on

    Investment of 10 USDT

    5 orders daily

    Validity of 1 month and 10% profit on each order.

    Membership level 2 on Stingky

    Investment of 20 USDT

    10 orders daily

    Validity of 2 months and 12% profit on each order.

    Membership level 3

    Investment of 50 USDT

    15 orders daily

    Validity of 3 month and 12% profit on each order.

    Membership level 4

    Investment of 100 USDT

    20 orders daily

    Validity of 4 months and 30% profit on each order.

    Membership level 5 on

    Investment of 400 USDT

    25 orders daily

    Validity of 5 months and 40% profit on each order.

    And this membership level on Stingky is up to level 10, so their users have to choose the one they can afford.

    Stingky users should not make use of the same IP to login with multiple accounts to earn on the site to avoid account suspension.

    Lastly, earn on Stingky by referring new members to the platform.
    The bonus is doubled if you invite new members. And it can upgrade user’s membership.

    Don’t not cheat or generate fake income with Stingky invitation because your account will be blocked and earnings will be withheld. promises to provide more earning initiative to the site from time to time.

    How to refer or invite on

    To refer or invite on, there is a affiliate or referral link and code assigned to each member that have sign up on the site.

    You can find this Stingky referral link or code by clicking the ‘Invite’ icon on the website’s after login.

    Copy the  link or code you find in this section. And send it to a individual that wish to invite to

    Make sure you invite genuine members to the site, to avoid loss of income and account deactivation

    How to withdraw on

    After earning a pretty amount of USDT on, it is no doubt you want to withdraw on Stingky.

    Withdraw you income on the site by clicking the button tagged ‘Withdraw’ on the site’s dashboard.

    * Choose cryptocurrency (USDT- TRC20)

    * Input Full name

    * Enter crypto address

    After binding the crypto address, procedd to withdraw on entering withdrawal amount.

    Withdrawal on Stingky is only for VIP 2 members and above. And withdrawal will be completed after 3 days.

    When launched was launched on the 17th of October, 2022. With this, we can tell that Stingky is a very new site.

    And the website seems to be a platform that will not crash soon because of its age.

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    Signing up on a website that offer income is quite the first approach to earn on it.

    Sign up on by:

    * Visiting the Stingky website by clicking which will automatically redirect you to the site homepage.

    * Select Register

    * Enter name, mobile phone number, password, invitation code (required).

    To successfully sign up on Stingky, you must have been invited by someone because the site required invitation codes during sign up. And if you don’t have one, make use of  NFB23K.

    With the steps stated above, you can now begin to grab orders and earn USDT on Login

    Before you intend to login on, you must have successfully signed up on the site.

    Login on Stingky by:

    * Visit the website on your browser at

    * Enter mobile number and password.

    Is Legit or scam

    Is legit or scam? This is obviously the most important query in this review. And here is a honest answer to that.

    For a site that was launched on the 17th of October 2022, it is obvious that Stingky is still very young as of the time this article was published.

    Which has made it quite difficult for us to say if is legit or scam because there no information from anyone using the website yet tagging it to be legit or scam.

    Although, there is no make money website on the internet that is 100% scam free. Which makes us advise our readers not to invest on Stingky for now until there is a concrete evidence that is legit or scam. Which we might bring to you as time goes on.

    And such information should not be directly from website because no will give a bad review about itself.

    We appreciate you for reading this review. Feel free to comment your opinion and queries about Stingky below.

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