Review ( Is Lifelinks66 Legit or scam? ) Find out here.

The online make money space has welcome a new site called This platform is so new that is users are still very fey.We are reviewing this Lifelinks66 to know if they are really providing money to their users.

And before getting to that stage we (Alphazeal) will be putting you through some necessary process to earn on the website. We will also be giving answers to queries like- how to withdraw on, sign up, login and many more.

Now, let’s begin the Lifelinks66 review fully… Review

    With the information we gathered on  the internet while searching for, it is quite surprising that the website does not have a single review about.

    Which makes it hard for people that want to get information about Lifelinks66 get no review.

    But that shouldn’t be a problem any longer, because this writeup provided everything you need to know about Life link.

    What is

    Lifelinks66 is website that provides electronic service. And it is a South African initiative to provide income to their users.

    How to make money on How does work

    One thing you should know about is that making money on the platform requires top up. And this deposit is made to the project available on the site.

    And this some of the project and earnings available on Lifelinks66.

    • Newbie experience power station [This can only be performed once]

    Project amount: R300 million

    Repayment methods: Hourly payment.

    Minimum amount of investment: R100

    Time/ratio: 10%

    Release cycle: One Hour

    Expected earnings: R110 per hour

    • Klipheuwel wind-farm 3.16MW

    Project amount:R700 million

    Repayment methods: Daily payment

    Minimum amount of investment:R150

    Time/rate: 5%

    Release cycle: One Days

    Expected earnings:157.5 per day

    • Wind farm installed capacity – 2.5MW on Lifelinks66

    Project amount:R435.22 million

    Repayment methods: Hourly payment

    Minimum amount of investment:R180

    Time/rate: 0.5%

    Release cycle: Twelve Hours

    Expected earnings: R190

    • Installed solar capacity MW 75 on

    Project amount:R240 million

    Repayment methods: Daily payment

    Minimum amount of investment:R300

    Time/rate: 7%

    Release cycle: One Day

    Expected earnings: R321

    • Thermal power installed capacity MW 75 on Life link.

    Project amount:R500 million

    Repayment methods: Daily payment

    Minimum amount of investment:R280


    Release cycle: Two Days

    Expected earnings: R313.6

    • Coal-fired power plant installed capacity of 3,654MW

    Project amount:R310 million

    Repayment methods: Cycle-based income Payment

    Minimum amount of investment:R5000


    Release cycle: Seven hours

    Expected earnings:R7800

    • RustMo1 Solar Farm 6.93MW on

    Project amount:R185 million

    Repayment methods: Daily payment

    Minimum amount of investment:R1000


    Release cycle: One Day

    Expected earnings:R1060

    • Rooipunt CSP 150MW on Life link

    Project amount:R210 million

    Repayment methods: Daily payment

    Minimum amount of investment:R2000

    Time/ratio: 7%
    Release cycle: Three Days

    Expected earnings: R2420

    • Medupi power station project, South Africa

    Project amount:R412 million

    Repayment methods: Daily payment

    Minimum amount of investment:R8000

    Time/ratio: 8.6%

    Release cycle:120  Days

    Expected earnings: R90560

    • Hydropower installed capacity of 240 MW [This can only be performed once] on

    Project amount:R50 million

    Repayment methods: Daily income

    Minimum investment:R58000

    Release cycle:12  Days

    Expected earnings: R120640

    • Solar One-100MW on Life link

    Project amount:R2300 million

    Repayment methods: Daily income

    Minimum amount of investment:R230


    Release cycle:1  Day

    Expected earnings: R242.65

    Dreunberg—75MW on Lifelinks66

    Project amount:R253.22 million

    Repayment methods: Daily income

    Minimum amount of investment:R800


    Release cycle: 1 Day

    Expected earnings:R846.4 users just have to choose from the project above that they can afford. And start earning rapidly from the project.

    How to invite or refer on

    Refer new members to Lifelinks66 with the referral link or code assigned to you by the site.

    Afterall, new members can complete sign up if they don’t have a referral code.

    How to withdraw on

    To withdraw on Lifelinks66, users have to carry out real name authentication.

    After that, Choose bank card, amount to withdraw and payment password.

    Note that, withdrawal threshold is R100. And withdrawal can only done three times a day.

    When launched was launched in October 2, 2022.

    It is obvious that it is the newness of Life link that makes it have few members at the moment.

    Who is the owner or founder of did not state the name of any individual responsible for the site.

    So the name of the developer, owner of Lifelinks66 is not known to any member of the public for now.

    Where can be found

    Judging from the currency for transaction on and where the Life link app can be downloaded. Lifelinks66 is a South African website.

    And can be used across most countries of the world. Sign up

    Signing up on is completely free and simple. Here is how you can sign up on Lifelinks66.

    Sign up on the site by doing these steps below:

    • Click on

    • Switch to Register.

    • Input the verification code that appear beside the blank box.

    • Enter a valid phone number, email address, password and confirm the password.

    • Input referral ID (Required)

    Since referral ID is compulsory to sign up on Lifelinks66. You can make use of the ID 5144445 or directly use the Invite link:

    With the steps we stated above, you will be able to completely Sign up on Lifelinks66.

    You even download the Life links app on Android and iOS. Download on Google play store by tapping on

    And to download the app on iOS check the process on website to to that.

    Also read: Review | Is Legit or scam? Login

    To login on is easy, as long as you have created an account with the website. Login to the site by:

    • Tap or just visit the website directly from your website at

    • Enter phone number and password

    With this, you can now start your quest to make money on Lifelinks66.

    Is Legit or scam

    For a platform that was launched that was launched few days to the time this article was published. It is quite impossible to tell if is legit or scam.

    Because there is no complain yet from their few users for now. But that does not mean that Lifelinks66 is legit.

    And we persuade our readers not to invite what they can’t afford to lose on to avoid financial problems.

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