Review | Is Chicken-co legit or scam?

Chicken which is known as is one of the latest websites to earn money in the internet space.

Is really paying its users? This is one of the many queries that this Chicken-co review will be giving answers to. requires investing money to earn on their website. So we want to make readers know if the website is really worth their capital. Review

    Making money online is quite easy if the right approach is taken. This is why we made a research about, and decided to bring you a complete and honest review of the website.

    And users will eventually find out if Chicken-co is legit or scam.

    What is is one of the many make money websites on the internet. Offering payment to their users when they invest with them.

    Chicken-co did not state any name of their partners or sponsors. But that shouldn’t matter if they truly offering payment to their users.

    Chicken corner claim that they have made chicken farming investment easy. And their users can make a lot of their website with little or no effort.

    How to make money on How does works

    We said earlier that Chicken-co, so we believe you know the real deal to make income on the site. Which is by investing capital in Chicken corner.

    And here is how to invest. Investing in chicken farming. Some of the farming investing and profit includes.

    Free Nest. This particular investment is totally free. Get 1 free chicken which produces 2 eggs per day. And earn R4.60 Daily for 15 Days. Total earnings are R73

    Shelter 1 medium egg

    Nest A 

    Buy 2 chickens for R80

    Produce 4 eggs per day

    And earn an R10 reward daily for 15 days interval

    Total Earning is R150

    Nest B

    Buy 4 Chickens for R160

    Produce 8 eggs per day

    And earn an R20 reward daily for 15 days

    Total Earning is R300

    Nest C

    Buy 6 Chickens for R240

    Produce 12 eggs per day

    And earn an R30 reward daily for 15 days

    Total Earning is R450

    Shelter 2 Large Egg.

    Nest A 

    Buy 7 Chickens for R350

    Produce 14 eggs per day

    And earn an R49 reward daily for 15 days

    Total Earning is R735

    Nest B 

    Buy 10 Chickens for R500

    Produce 20 eggs per day

    And earn R70 reward daily for 15 days

    Total Earning is R1,050

    Nest C 

    Buy 15 Chickens for R750

    Produce 30 eggs per day

    And Earn R105 reward daily for 15 days

    Total Earning is R1,575

    Shelter 4 xxlarge egg on

    Nest A 

    Buy 30 Chickens for R2,100

    Produce 60 eggs per day

    And earn R310 days Daily for 15 days

    Total Earning is R4,650

    Nest B 

    Buy 45 Chickens for R3,150

    Produce 90 eggs per day

    And earn R477 reward daily for 15 days

    Total Earning is R7,155

    Nest C 

    Buy 60 Chickens for R4,200

    Produce 120 eggs per day

    And earn R636 reward Daily for 15 days

    Total Earning is R9,540

    All you have to do on is to choose the nest you can afford on their website.

    The only way you can earn on Chicken-co without investing is via referral.

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    How to get Referral referral is quite easy to do because the Chicken-co user referral link or affiliate link is made available on the website dashboard.

    Users are just required to copy the link and share it with family and friends. users can also promote their affiliate links on social media platforms to increase their earnings rapidly.

    Chicken corner referral is worth doing because there is a commission for each referral you make on the site. This referral can be tracked on the website referral section.

    Don’t bother to refer fake or bot traffic to because the site automatically detects such activities. And leads to a ban on the user’s account.

    How to withdraw on

    Withdrawal can be made on once the user has up to R150 on the website because that is the site’s minimum withdrawal threshold.

    Chicken-co users just have to input the withdrawal amount and payment will be made to be bank account user provided during registration.

    When launched was launched in September 2022. And Chicken corner website seems to be active up till now.

    Who is the CEO or founder of owner identity is unknown for now because the website has not yet revealed it.

    An update will be made to this question once they finally reveal it.

    Where can be found is a South African website that can be found on the internet.

    And Chicken corner claims it wants to provide income to people across the world. Sign up

    Sign up for Chicken-co by visiting their website at Then select sign up. Enter the account holder’s name, contact number, bank, account number, email address, username, sponsor username, and county and create a password.

    After filling in the required information. Click on sign up.

    And now you have created a account.

    Read more reviews : review | Is Zenora Legit or scam Login login can only be done if you have an account with them.

    Visit the Chicken-co website and fill in your username and password.

    You won’t be able to login on Chicken corner if you provide username and password that does match the one that you provided during registration.

    Is Legit or scam

    After making all possible investigations to know if is legit or scam, we are unable to decide if Chicken-co is legit or a scam because the website did not provide payment on their website. And few of their users haven’t complained about it being a scam. has not yet gained numerous amount of members which makes it have no review yet from their users.

    With the stated factor we strongly advise our readers not to invest what they can’t afford to lose on

    Thanks for reading this honest review, And feel free to drop your queries and comment below.


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