Review | Is Trxtrader Legit or Scam. Earn up to 100,000.00 TRX.

Making money through cryptocurrency website is not a new thing. This can be done by mining, investing and other stuff.

Although, there are legit make money online website and there are also scam ones. is a recently launched make money website offering mining, investment packages for their users to earn.

And at the end of the article, you will find out if Trxtrader is legit or scam. If they are really providing income. Review

Earning online can be difficult for some internet users because they don’t know how the website works. And how to navigate on it.

In this review, you will know how to easily navigate and earn the platform.

What is is a make money website offering awesome mine and earn features. claims that they offer both Quantitative trading and DeFi technology that enable their users to easily participate in blockchain transactions with a little amount of capital, and obtain stable income. And this quite normal because this seems to be the aim of most Blockchain.

Trxtrader affirm on their website that their global partners include Bitmain, Binance, Huobi and other top cryptocurrency companies.

How to make money on How does works.

Trxtrader rewards its user the sum of 100,000.00 TRX. The platform is designed in such a way that its users have to invest, mine to earn.

Before you can make money on, deposition of any amount of TRX is required to activate and open the withdrawal function of your account.

After activating your account, users can now participate in investment of blockchain trx project.

And here are some of the trading detail, profit available on

Tron mine 1

Starting amount of 500 trx.

Max investment amount of 1000 trx.

InvestmentCycle of 1 Day.

Daily interest rate of 1.5%.

Number of investments Max.

Tron mine 2

Starting amount of 1000 trx.

Max investment amount of 5000 trx.

Investment Cycle of 3 Days.

Daily interest rate of 1.8%.

Number of investments Max.

Tron mine 3

Starting amount of 5000 trx.

Max investment amount of 20000 trx.

Investment Cycle of 7 Days.

Daily interest rate of 2%.

Number of investments Max.

Tron mine 4

Starting amount of 20000 trx.

Maximum investment amount of 50000 trx.

Investment Cycle of 15 Day.

Daily interest rate of 2.5%.

Number of investments Max. also offers earning to their users with a scheme on their website called Giftcoin. This Gift coin can only be withdrawn only after depositing 20,000 or more TRX. And also remember to collect mining pools every day on Trxtrader.

If it is not claimed for more than 24 hours, it will be automatically expires. With may lead to loss of benefits.

The mining income balance of the basic account will not be.

Accumulation requires daily extraction. And if you don’t quit, user will lose his or her profit for the day.

Lastly, users can build a team on and make money. And this can be achieved by sharing Trxtrader to friends and family to earn on the website.

During the period of invitation, users are invited to register and successfully activate.Apart from the addition to the maximum 15% promotion commission for referral on you can also get additional rewards.

Activation reaches 20 people, reward 20 TRX

Activation reaches 50 people, reward 100 TRX

Activation reaches 100 invitee, reward 200 TRX

Activation reaches 400 invitee, reward 1000 TRX

Activation reaches 500 invitee, reward 1500 TRX

Activation reaches 1000 invitee, reward 10000 TRX.

How to get Referrals

Refer new members to with the referral link provided to you by the make money site.

And the website rewards users each time someone register on the platform with your link or code.

How to withdraw on

Mode of withdrawal on is by cryptocurrency, with by inputting account type, amount to withdraw and wallet address. Enter security password and confirm withdrawal.

During withdrawal on Trxtrader, users should note that they can not get back to the wrong address. And the should confirm that there is no error in the address provided to the site.

Because do not take any responsibility for what happened with an external bank address.

Depending on the network of the wallet and the blockchain, it may take time to be reflected in the destination address.

When launched

Trxtrader was launched in 2022. And we can’t find the particular date and month when the make money website was launched.

Who is the Owner or founder of

As of the time this article was published, the owner of have not reveal his or her identity.

And we promise to update this section of the page when Trxtrader decide to show its founder to the world.

Where can be found

No record of where cannot be found because the website can be accessed by most countries of the world.

Trxtrader can be found on And mode of transaction is by digital currency. So there shouldn’t be problem of transaction on the site. Sign Up sign up can be achieved by clicking on . Select Sign up and input the required information.

With this you have sign up on Trxtrader. And start your journey to make money online. Login login is quite easy to access once you have registered with the money making site.

Enter mobile phone number and password.

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Is Scam ( Trxtrader ) can’t be considered to be scam for now. Because the website have little users for now with no review from them yet concerning the site on the internet.

Is Legit

Is Trxtrader legit? As of the time this article was published we don’t have any evidence to claim that is legit.

We strongly advise users not to invest what they can’t afford to lose on the platform.

Thank for reading. And we are open to any suggestions concerning and other make money website.

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