Review ( Is Goodusdt Legit or scam? ) Review : Legit or Scam, Goodusdt login, sign up, withdrawal and many more

When talking about Usdt, the first thing that comes to your mind is cryptocurrency. And yes ofcourse Usdt is a term commonly associated with cryptocurrency.

Usdt can also be referred to as tether. Usdt is a cryptocurrency stablecoin. And it is Blockchain that enables stability of the digital currency.

A platform called is a new make money platform that promises to reward it users USDT by completing task, mining and other stuff on their website. ( Goodusdt ) seem to be a fairly new website, that is yet to be popular on the internet. And we bring to you review about.

Before we begin this review. Did you know rewards new user the sum of 6 Usdt as a sign up bonus. Review

In this review, we have put up a writeup that state every necessary things concerning For example Goodusdt login, sign up, withdrawal and so on.

And most importantly, find out if is legit or scam.

What is is a cryptocurrency investing platform to earn income.

The website provides business hall to it users to invest in. With awesome rewards.

Apart from investing on the website, users can also keep their Usdt on the website.

How to make money on How does work

For user of Goodusdt to earn on the website, they have to invest or recharge on the website. And to activate a Goodusdt account for earning, users will have to recharge 2 usdt.

After deposition, you can now join level team. And here are the level, deposit and earnings below.

Level 1 team member.

Deposit 1000 Usdt, And earn 12% or 120 Usdt team income.

Level 2 team member.

Deposit 1000 Usdt, And earn 5% or 50 Usdt team income.

Level 3 team member.

Deposit 1000 Usdt, And earn 3% or 30 Usdt team income.

This earning is limited to this level, can proceed to earn more income on the platform by proceeding to Vip level. And the vip level on Goodusdt include.

Vip 0 also known as Flipkart on the website business hall.

Deposit 8 Usdt. Earn 0.48 Usdt daily and 14.4 Usdt monthly

Vip 1 also known as Shopee on the website business hall.

Deposit 28 Usdt. Earn 2.8 Usdt daily and 84 Usdt monthly.

Vip 2 also known as Walmart on the business hall.

Deposit 68 Usdt. Earn 8.16 Usdt daily and 244.8 Usdt monthly

Vip 3 also known as Lazada on the Goodusdt business hall.

Deposit 188 Usdt. Earn 24.44 Usdt daily and 733.2 Usdt monthly

Vip 4 also known as Amazon in the business hall.

Deposit 588 Usdt. Earn 82.32 Usdt daily and 2463.6 Usdt monthly

Vip 5 also known as Etsy in the business hall.

Deposit 1588 Usdt. Earn 230.26 Usdt daily and 6907.8 Usdt monthly

Vip 6 also known as Ebay in the business hall.

Deposit 5888 Usdt. Earn 883.2 Usdt daily and 26496 Usdt monthly

Vip 7 also known as Bestbuy on the business hall.

Deposit 8888 Usdt. Earn 1599.88 Usdt daily and 47995.2 Usdt monthly

Lastly, members can earn on the platform through referral. And there is a Usdt reward for both individuals.

How to get Referrals

Refer and earn to with your referral link or make use of the code provided to you by the platform.

How to withdraw on

To withdraw on Goodusdt, users will have to bind a withdrawal method with the platform. Withdrawal method can not be changed after binding.

Each withdrawal limit on is 0.02 to 99999. And payment will be made into user’s wallet after few hours.

Recharging on Goodusdt is also important, recharge on the platform by making deposit via Usdt or Trc20.

When launched ( Goodusdt ) was launched in September 2022.

And the website seems to be a site that is here to stay for a long period of time if they are really providing income to their users.

Who is the Owner or founder of

Hidden identity of owners of make money website is not a new thing among such site.

And is one of them because the platform has choosen to keep this information privately to the general public.

Where can be found

Goodusdt can be found at And no information about it’s specific location provided on the website.

Where can be found shouldn’t be a problem because cryptocurrency is the mode of transaction on the site. Sign Up

Sign up on Goodusdt, by visiting their website at For complete sign up the website Referral code is required. You can make use of

0607477 or

Member can download the Goodusdt app via their website.

Input email, password, referral code. And complete your registration on the make money platform.

It is advisable to download the app for better user experience. Login

Login to with the email and password you provided to platform during registration. Payment Proof

We can’t really regard the information on as payment proof. Because it is only displaying a commission notification with Usdt figure from their users.

Is Legit

For now, we can’t decide that Goodusdt is legit because the platform is new. And no complain from it users yet for scam activities.

Is Scam

Goodusdt cannot be tagged scam yet because of its review by its users on social media. It users claim that the platform is not a scam. But we can’t decide if is not a scam with this information on social media.

Afterall, those information on social media might just be a referral earning strategy.

We strongly advise readers that if they want to really test if is Legit or scam. They should not invest can’t afford to lose on the make money website.

We hope you are satisfied with this review. Comment your question and opinions. We promise to update few sections of the article that we don’t have answers to yet. Thanks for reading.

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