Review | Is Greenpanthera legit or Scam. Earn up to $0.70 per survey. Review.

Making money on the internet these days is no doubt one of the most convenient works to do because it requires little labour and can be accessed from the comfort of your home.

One major reason why people fall victim to scam make money websites is that they didn’t check the internet for review before involving in it.

In today’s article, we bring to you ( Greenpanthera ) review.

And you will eventually find out if Greenpanthera is legit or a scam.

Greenpanthera is an online make money initiative that offers its users money when they perform surveys, shop, complete tasks and many other interesting offers that is stress-free.

Before we start this review. Did you promises to reward its users up to $0.70 per survey.

Honest Review

Internet users might doubt, which is why we bring to them this review.

And at the end, you will find out all the important information regarding the make money website.

What is

Greenpanthera is an income providing website on the internet. Users got to earn on the platform by shopping online and each shop comes with a reward. There is a variety of online stores where you can shop on Greenpanthera.

Earning on is not only limited to shopping. The make money website also offers many earning opportunities such as surveys, referrals and other tasks.

One interesting thing about the website is that earning does not require investment.

How to make money on How does work.

There is no limit to earning on Starting from the survey commission to the referral.

Before highlighting more on the survey and earnings. Did you know that Greenpanthera gives its users $2.00 as a welcome bonus?

On the make money website, there is a sort of shopping initiative that you can earn through it. And this is how it works. users will have access to a shopping channel consisting of shopping merchants provided on the website. Simply click on our link to enter that store, shop there, and you will receive a rebate based on how much you spent at that store.

User can redeem their accumulated earnings for various cash gifts and prizes.

Now to survey earning aspect of Greenpanthera.

Several surveys are available on And here are some of them and their earnings below.

Daily survey with up to $0.70 reward.

Dyn daily survey USA for up to $0.50 reward.

SpeakUp survey for up to $0.63 reward.

Survey router of up to $0.64 reward.

Survey of up to $0.99 reward.

Survey of up to $0.72 reward.

Survey of up to $0.60 reward.

Survey of up to $0.73 reward.

And some many other surveys on Greenpanthera.

Once you refer new members to the make money website with your affiliate link you get 10% of your invitee earnings.

How to get Referral referral can be done by sending referral of affiliate link to individuals of your choice.

And you will get a commission when your invitee register on the platform with your link.

How to withdraw on

The minimum cash-out amount on is $30. Withdrawal can be made via PayPal only. And users will be credited after a few working.

If you encounter challenges with withdrawing from Greenpanthera, you can contact their customer support on their website.

When launched is a new earning initiative that was launched in 2022. And we can’t tell the exact month.

But Greenpanthera does not look like a platform that is going to crash soon.

Who is the CEO or founder of

The owner of has chosen to keep his/her identity for now.

And that does not matter if the site is really paying.

We promise to update this section of this write-up once the founder of Greenpanthera is revealed.

Where can be found

Greenpanthera can be found on their website at And the platform by almost all countries of the world. Sign Up

For now, does not have an app for now. To access the site user have to click or access it directly from her browser at .

After doing this, you will find a registering option on the Greenpanthera website.

Fill in your email and password. Then agree to the site terms of use and privacy policy. And tap on the register. users will be required to confirm their email. And this can be confirmed by clicking the link sent to the email you provided to the website.

Input surname, PayPal account (email), country, city, zip code, gender, date of birth, education, marital status, and occupation. And some other information. This is important to provide for Greenpanthera users to take part in the survey.

After completing the verification, you can now start your journey to earn on Greenpanthera. Login

To login to, you are required to input the email and password you provided during registration.

And you can also log in on Greenpanthera through links sent to your email address.

Is Legit

Is legit? If you really care to know. We found out that the platform is not legit. is a waste of time and effort. Even after reaching the withdrawal threshold, they might ban you from login on to their website.
Hereby, forfeiting your account and earnings.

You might even find some stuff on the internet claiming that Greenpanthera is a legit platform. We can assure you that this information are not genuine.

Is Scam

After making a withdrawal on Greenpanthera, you will not be credited to your PayPal. With this factor and some others, we have concluded that is a scam.

After surveying and earning on the platform the website won’t give you the money you make on their site.


There are several paying survey websites on the internet. And Greenpanthera is not one of them. Because it is not providing payment to its user.

Thanks for reading this complete And we are open to every contribution from you.

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