Review ( Is Coremax Legit or Scam Review : Is Coremax Legit or scam.

Credibility of a make money website is one factor that need to be determined before investing time and capital in it. Which is why we ( Alphazeal ) have taken the responsibility to determine the credibility of make money website.

And in today’s review we will be considering the credibility of a make money website called

One major reason why we are reviewing this site is because Coremax is a recently launched site. And no doubt have little information about it for now on the internet.

Since involves investing money. It is obvious that people that want to get involve in it will want a review.

From this point let’s move directly to the Coremax review. Review

In this review, we will be giving answers to queries like sign up, login, withdrawal and many more.

And most importantly, how to earn and if is legit or scam.

What is is a new avenue for individual to make money online by investment. Investment in such a way that users purchase core that pay them daily depending on the core they use.

Coremax website is designed in such a way that it is very convenient to navigate. And most importantly earn on.

How to make money on

Making money on is by investment. And there are various investment subscription provided on the Coremax website.

There are seven core currently Available on And users can purchase each core one time only in every 7 days.

Core 1

Purchase amount #5,000 naira.

7 days interval.

Earning of #1,100 or 22% daily.

Core 2

Purchase amount #10,000 naira

7 days interval.

Earning of #2,300 or 23% daily.

Core 3

Purchase amount #20,000 naira

7 days interval.

Earning of #4,800 or 24% daily.

Core 4

Purchase amount #50,000 naira

7 days interval.

Earning of #12,500 or 25% daily.

Core 5

Purchase amount #100,000 naira.

7 days interval.

Earning of #26,000 or 26% daily.

Core 6

Purchase amount #200,000 naira.

7 days interval.

Earning of #54,000 or 27% daily.

Core 7

Purchase amount #500,000 naira.

7 days interval.

Earning of #140,000 or 28% daily.

And lastly, another way you can earn on Coremax is via referral

How to get Referrals referral is worth doing because there is commission for inviting friends and family to use the website. And this referral as a five step program.

Users can do these referral by logging in to the their account dashboard. Copy and paste your referral link to your desired friend s and family.

It is advisable for users to promote their link on social media platforms, so that they get many audience to register on coremax with their link.

How to withdraw on

There is a withdrawal icon provided on the website or app.

Select your desired payment method To Proceed. advise its users to use crypto gatewa for faster and instant withdrawals if they don’t want d in their withdrawal.

Since making money on Coremax is by investing, depositing is also a key move on the website.

Minimum and maximum deposit depends on the Coremax user. The website state that

” Your bank or wallet transfer limit is Coremax’s, It usually starts from ₦100 to Unlimited. Minimum and maximum withdrawal depends on current network Charges From bank or wallet, usually they limit minimum withdrawal between ₦1,000 to ₦5,000, And maximum withdrawal is between ₦500,000 to ₦1,000,000 ”

This information is found on their website. If you encounter any problem during withdrawal or deposit, contact Coremax customer service via their website.

When launched is a website that was launched in August 2022. And has few users due to the age of the site.

And this might increase as time goes on.

Who is the Owner or founder of

Who is the owner of ? It is no doubt that internet users would like to know the backbone behind the website to them.

But unfortunately, Coremax owner or founder is not yet known to the general public.

Where can be found

There is no information about where coremax can be found on their website except on the internet.

But we quite understand that belongs to a African country. And transaction on the website might be hard for some countries. Sign Up

Sign up and start on by clicking on or you can access the website directly with any browser at

Input name, last name, email, phone number and password. And agree to privacy policy.

After providing the information and tapping on register, you will be asked to download the on Google play store or app store. And you can also proceed with web.

Coremax users are required to verify their email by sending verification code to their email

Carrying out that few steps have made you successfully a account. Login users can log in to the website with the email address and password that they provide to the website during registration. Payment Proof

Coremax did not provide any sort of payment proof made to their users on their website.

Is Legit or Scam

Is legit or a scam ? This is no doubt the most important query of this writeup.

Judging from the review on the internet, we can’t consider coremax to be legit or scam because the age of the website is still very young for it to have complain from its user validating the credibility of the make money platform.

And with this situation we strongly advise our readers not to invest in If they really choose to invest they should not put what they can’t afford to lose to avoid huge lost.

If you have any query or contribution regard, we will like to hear from you. And if it contribution that you have drop it with a valid evidence.

Thanks for reading and check out more earning and website review on our website.

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