Review | Is Ukusdt legit or scam

Cryptocurrency has definitely taken the world earning stream to another level. But online make money platforms has also given another perspective to making income via digital currency.

One of such website is Ukusdt is a newly launched website which we ( Alphazeal ) have choosen to review in order to bring a honest Ukusdt review to our readers. Review

We said earlier that Ukusdt is newly launched make money website. And this factor makes it have less review about it on any platform for now. But we have bring to you a honest review.

And at the end of this writeup you would know all the key information about the site.

What is

Ukusdt is a digital currency make money platform that want to provide income for it’s users. Ukusdt claim to partner with popular digital currency firm like Coinbase, Bitmain, Binance, Tron, Genesis mining, Coinmint, Crypto, Coindcx, and wazirx. further explained that they have come to provide a  cost-effective way of mining of  Bitcoins and other digital currency.

And at the long run both quantitative trading and DeFi technology will  allow their users to easily navigate in blockchain transactions with a small amount of capital, and obtain stable income like insurance.

How to make money on / How does works.

You earn Usdt on But before moving to the main mean of earning on the platform. Ukusdt give it user 1000 usdt has a sign up bonus.

Earning on Ukusdt via cloud mining is the prime way to make income on the platform. And this is done by depositing on the platform and purchasing different offer. And these are the available earning on Ukusdt below.


Deposit amount is 1-499USDT, and the daily interest is 26%.


Deposit amount is 499-999 USDT, and the daily interest is 28%.


Deposit amount is 1000-4999 USDT, and the daily withdrawal rate is 30%.


Deposit amount is 5000-19999 USDT, and the daily withdrawal rate is 33%.


Deposit amount is 20000-99999+USDT, and the daily interest is 38%.

And you can see above daily interest is based on the package you choose. And there is also a Tron investment initiative on the make money platform.

Lastly, users can earn via referral. Promote Ukusdt website and you can earn up to 25% referral commission. And level 1 active users on Ukusdt reach 5, apply for 30TRX gold coins, and 12 apply for 80TRX bonus. For the TRX200 bonus of 25.

There is also a special referral package on the website called Three level commission reward which can be done without investing. And these are the levels below.

Level 1

Recharge profit is 22%. And this is  done by recharging 1000USDT. Which  gets you 220USDT.

Level 2

Recharge profit is 2%. And this is  done by recharging 1000USDT. Which  gets you 20USDT.

Level 3

Recharge profit is 1%. And this is  done by recharging 1000USDT. Which  gets you 10USDT.

Deposit on Ukusdt by clicking the deposit icon on the website dashboard, copy wallet address and deposit there. users should take note that they should not recharge other non TRX assets. It will be recorded about 5 to 10 minutes after recharging.

If it hasn’t arrived for a long time, please refresh this page. Minimum deposit 5TRX, less than 5 TRX cannot be credited.

How to get Referrals

Refer family and friends to Ukusdt in order to earn simply by sending your referral link or code to them.

How to withdraw on

To withdraw on Ukusdt, you are required to select between TRX or Usdt, enter quota, Tron address and security password. withdrawal does not with any withdrawal fee. And transaction is available for 24 hours.

When launched was launched in the late day of July, 2022. And we don’t know if the platform will crash early or it has come to stay for a very long period of time.

Who is the Owner or founder of

One question in this review we don’t have answers to yet is the identity of the owner of

We promise to update this portion of the article when we find out the owner of Ukusdt.

Where can be found ( Ukusdt ) can only be found on the internet. And you can contact their customer care service via their website. Sign Up

Sign up on by clicking on the link or you can also visit their website directly at which navigates you to the website homepage, tap on sign and fill in the necessary information you are required to fill.

After signing up, you can also download the Ukusdt app via the website. And this can be done by tap the ‘ App ‘ icon. Login

In order to login on ( Ukusdt ) you are required to input only your email address or phone number and password you used to register on the platform. Payment Proof does not have any payment to present to their users on their website.

Is Legit or Scam

Is legit or scam?  If you really choose to know our answer to this question. Ukusdt is a scam. And you shouldn’t invest in it.

After recharging on the platform, your withdrawn usdt won’t reflect on the  wallet address you provided. And this seems to be bad because the platform is not providing the income services that they promise their.


We advice our reader not to invest in the platform because it is another waste of time make money platform that has come to scam their users.

If you wish to invest in Ukusdt, don’t invest because you will lose on the platform

Feel free to drop your queries and comment below. And thanks for reading this honest review.

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