Review ( Is legit or a scam ?)

Do you love to make money online ? The answer is obviously yes.
If you find yourself on this page, it means that the you are searching about is a new make money platform that render earning activities to its users. And seems to be getting popular on the internet.

We ( Alphazeal ) have researched about, And bring to a insightful detail about

Before we start this review, Do you know that gives its user a sum of 6.0000 usdt as welcome bonus.

Now, let’s begin the full review.. Review has little or no review about it.
Is legit or scam, how to sign and more about the website. You are about the find out all in this writeup.

What is is a make money platform that claims to be endorsed by Amazon, ebay, Walmart and some other popular company.

And the prime motive of the website is to become one of the world’s largest e-commerce platform that provide income to their users.

How to make money on

Making money on is via investment of usdt to different packages on the platform. But before we talk fully about the package. gives it users 6.0000 usdt for registering with them.

Earn usdt with by purchasing vip offer on the website in the business hall. And this includes :

Vip 1 also regarded as Flipkart.

Purchase with 10 usdt, And earn 12% or 1.2 usdt per day.

Vip 2 also regarded as Etsy.

Purchase with 30 usdt, And earn 13% or 3.9 usdt per day.

Vip 3 also regarded as Shopee.

Purchase with 100 usdt, And earn 14% or 14 usdt per day.

Vip 4 also  regarded as  Walmart.

Purchase with 300 usdt, And earn 15% or 45 usdt per day.

Vip 5 also regarded as Lazada.

Purchase with 800 usdt, And earn 16% or 128 usdt per day.

Vip 6 also regarded as ebay.

Purchase with 2000 usdt, And earn 17% or 340 usdt per day.

Vip 7 also regarded as Bestbuy.

Purchase with 5000 usdt, And earn 18% or 900 usdt per day.

Vip 8 also regarded as  Amazon.

Purchase with 10000 usdt, And earn 19% or 2000 usdt per day.

Vip 9 also regarded as Wayfair.

Purchase with 20000 usdt, And earn 22% or 6600 usdt per day.

And these are all available on the website.

Another means to earn on is via referral. And this quite profitable also.

How to get Referrals

Refer new user with the referral link or code assign to you by

And this referral fetch some earning for you. Which includes :

As level 1 member, you get 6 usdt, when invitee invest 100 usdt.

level 2 member, you get 3 usdt, when invitee invest 100 usdt.

level 3 member, you get 2 usdt, when invitee invest 100 usdt.

level 4 member, you get 1 usdt, when invitee invest 100 usdt.

As you can so above, referral is worth doing.

How to withdraw on

The minimum withdrawal threshold on is 1 usdt. Withdraw usdt by clicking the withdraw icon on the website dashboard.

Enter withdrawal amount and select withdrawal method. The type of method you can choose is between  Usdt and Usdc. And the withdrawal network is Trc20.

Note that, can only bind one withdrawal method for their income safety. And also they will not be able to edit this withdrawal info after submitting it.

Withdrawal come only be three times a day with 24 hours services.

How to deposit on

Recharge on by tapping on the recharge icon on the platform.
Make sure your recharge network is Usdt- Trc20.

When launched

Based on the information provided on, The website was launched on September, 12, 2022.

And guaranteed to operate for 50 days. With this information we can say the platform will come to an end soon. which the platform claim to be globally exclusive.

Who is the CEO or founder of

CEO or founder of identity is not known for now. Because the platform has not reveal it yet.

Where can be found

The location where can be found is not stated on their website. And they can only be found on the internet at .

We feel that the query of where shouldn’t be a problem because the mode of transaction on the website is by digital currency. Sign Up

To register on, click on   or which will navigate you to the website homepage. A login option will pop up  on your device, tap on it. And you would find register option.

Fill in the necessary information. Note that you will be required to fill in a invitation to register successfully.
If you don’t have one you can make use of 5251860.

After completing these steps above, you have successfully created a account.

You can also download app via the website for better experience. Login

To login on, tap on with takes you to website homepage. A login option will pop up, confirm it and input email and password. Payment Proof

There is a payment proof available on . And this is used to convince their users that the platform is really providing the services they promise their users.
And this is regarded as commission notification on

Is Legit or Scam

Is legit or a scam ? This is one of few question that we cannot answer about And this is due to the age of the website because is very young with no information tagging it to be

scam or legit by it users yet on any platform.


If you wish to invest in, don’t invest what you cannot afford the lose on the platform.
And we promise to update every part of this article that does not have answers yet.

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