SlotsCashHunt Review | Is SlotsCashHunt Legit or scam ?

It really sounds great to earn money by playing games and watching ads.

In the make money online Industry this days such earning platform are available. And in today’s review we will be looking at a new online make money website that provide income to it user by playing games and watching ads.

The name of the app is called SlotsCashHunt, we actually regarded it as app because you have to download the app before you can access it. One interesting thing about SlotsCashHunt is that it does not require investment to earn.

After reading this review, reader will know everything they need to know about this new make money website called SlotsCashHunt.

SlotsCashHunt Review

After much research and checking reviews on the internet we realized that there is no genuine information on the internet regarding SlotsCashHunt. For this reason, we decided to bring to you this honest SlotsCashHunt review. This will help answer those questions that people haven’t gotten answer to. And at the end you will be able to navigate and earn on SlotsCashHunt easily.

And then at the end of this write-up, it will be made clear whether SlotsCashHunt is legit or a scam?

But before then, we will also answer queries like; When SlotsCashHunt was launched, How to carry out the SlotsCashHunt Login process, and so on.

SlotsCashHunt might be legit or scam, which is we reviewed it. So that our reader will know if SlotsCashHunt really worth using or it is another waste of time.

What is SlotsCashHunt

SlotsCashHunt is a free casino games and slots that enables it users to earn by playing. Make use of the slot machines and start earning.

And SlotsCashHunt seems to be interlinked with other make money online websites.

How to make money on SlotsCashHunt

Earning on SlotsCashHunt requires user to play game and watch ads. There is no referral option on the website, so users shouldn’t think of earning on SlotsCashHunt via referral commission.

Coin is accumulated after playing games and ads. So users have to redeem this coin in order to earn money. The reward for the coin can also be a voucher code in which user can redeem in numerous app or store.

How to get SlotsCashHunt Referrals

SlotsCashHunt does not any referral initiative or program for users. So users should not think about earning on the platform via referral.

How to withdraw on SlotsCashHunt

To withdraw on SlotsCashHunt, users have to provide their suitable withdrawal option for example with the use of PayPal.

User must provide payment detail in connection with payment of payment rewards. Bank details, email address and users name for the online account provided.

After completing withdrawal, you will credited in not less than 48 hours.

When SlotsCashHunt launched

SlotsCashHunt is a recently launched app. And it was launched in July 17, 2022.

Which is one of the major reason why the site is not recognize widely among internet users.

Who is the Owner or founder of SlotsCashHunt

One important information about make money online website that internet users want to know is the owner of the platform they are getting involve with.

But unfortunately, SlotsCashHunt did not provide the name of it CEO or founder on their website.

And we feel that is not a new thing among make money online website not revealing the identity of their owner or operators.

Where SlotsCashHunt can be found

SlotsCashHunt works in every country that has the AP on their app store. And the platform did not state any particular location where they can be found.

Therefore SlotsCashHunt can only be found on the internet.

SlotsCashHunt Sign Up

The only way internet users can get access to SlotsCashHunt is by downloading the app on Google play store or app store. If you don’t know how to do this you can access the app easily by clicking this link

Users can only sign up for SlotsCashHunt on the app. Because it provide easy navigation of the site.

The use of SlotsCashHunt app is free of charge. After successfully downloading the SlotsCashHunt app, open the app. Register on the app completely by :

Entering email address and password, or via Facebook, Google plus.

And this can be done with the use of SlotsCashHunt dialogue window or menu tab provided for the sign up action of the website.

Note that SlotsCashHunt app is only available on Android app store for now and cannot be downloaded by another other device that is not android.

SlotsCashHunt Login

Login on SlotsCashHunt with your email address and password, or Facebook login. Basically any method you use to register on the platform.

SlotsCashHunt Payment Proof

SlotsCashHunt does not have payment proof available on their website. And this shouldn’t be a problem because only few make money website have payment proof

Is SlotsCashHunt Legit or Scam

Now to the most important query Is SlotsCashHunt Legit or scam. After researching about the website we discovered that SlotsCashHunt is a scam. And does not fullfill their promises to their users.

SlotsCashHunt is just using the platform to run ads for other scam websites that is similar to it. This is quite obvious because they app is full of ads.

And also SlotsCashHunt is just using to gain traffic to download their app.

Do not get involve with SlotsCashHunt because it is going to waste your time without giving you money. And cashing out is impossible on the website.

Browsing the internet you will also find information about SlotsCashHunt from its users that it is a scam.


SlotsCashHunt is a absolute waste of time if you really wish to earn on it. Do not fall a victim of the website because they are just using their users to gain traffic.

And the list of ads on the website is quite annoying.

Thanks for reading this honest SlotsCashHunt review. And we promise to update any part of the writeup that we were not able to provide answers to.

Drop your query and contribution about SlotsCashHunt below.

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