Zenora.app Review | Is Zenora Legit or scam

The major reason why internet users are afraid to invest in make money online websites is because they have been scammed by such websites in the past.

Which is why we ( Alphazeal ) have taken the responsibility to make research about both old and new make money websites.

In today’s review we will be looking at one of the make money website called Zenora.app.

You may not have heard of Zenora because it is still unpopular among the make money websites. This platforms involves users to invest which is one of the major reason we reviewed Zenora.app.

Zenora.app seems to be a renowned zenora.me website. So you should know that if you are reading this zenora.app review it is also similar to reading Zenora.me.

Zenora.app promise to pay it users when they invest on the platform.

Earn up to 30% per investment.

Now, let’s begin the full Zenora.app.

Zenora.app Review

If you search about Zenora.app on the internet, you will obviously not see any vital information about it. But with the help of this writeup you will be to know the website quite well and be able to navigate easily on the website.

What is Zenora.app

Zenora.app is a make money website that promises to pay its user. It claim to be decentralized platform. And Zenora does not store money anywhere.

Users and Participants pay directly to each other through the peer network.

Zenora.app matrix is a user acquisition program that rewards users for their network activities.

In other words, Zenora.app requires investment to earn. Zenora claim to ba a is a risk free investment, guaranteed by the peer network. And their investment is also pretty splitted into numerous package. As a result of this. Zenora assures it users that their website is risk free.

How to make money on Zenora.app

There is no no sign up bonus on Zenora.app, but that does not mean the website does have awesome offer to it users. One thing you should know about before getting involve with Zenora.app is that the site is a investment platform.Join matrix on zenora for the first with a sum of #1000, receive #4000. And this is the matrix 1 package.

Other matrix on Zenora.app include :

Matrix 2

Join with #2000 and receive #4000 within 24 hours.

Matrix 3

Join with #4000 and receive #8000 within 24 hours.

Matrix 4

Join with #8000 and receive #16000 within 24 hours.

Matrix 5

Join with #16,000 and receive #32,000 within 24 hours.

Matrix 6

Join with #32,000 and receive #64,000 within 24 hours.

Matrix 7 Join with #64,000 and receive #128,000 within 24 hours.

And these are all the matrix available on Zenora.app. If you are wondering what happens after matrix 7 on Zenora. it happens that you will have to start or continue on the Zenora.app investment initiative where you will earn up to 30% within 15 days.

How to get Zenora.app Refferals

Invite new member to Zenora.app with your referral link, this new users eventually become your partner.

Have in mind that whenever you purchase partners on Zenora.app, unactivated partners are assigned to you. You have to call those partners and encourage them to activate their accounts. Without them activating their accounts, they will remain inactive, and you won’t be able to cashout.

So that means there’s a advantage for you to refer new members to zenora.

How to withdraw on Zenora.app

The minimum withdrawal threshold on Zenora.app is #1000 and the maximum is #100,000. That mean users must have to have up to #1000 on the website before they can withdraw on zenora.

Withdraw by clicking the cashout icon on the website dashboard, enter amount and select payment method and bank. Users can always their bank details on their zenora profile.

Since Zenora.app involves investment, deposit on zenora by clicking the join icon and select the matrix you want to join.

If your joining request to a particular matrix is not merged immediately. This means no slot is available at that moment. Once a slot is available, you will be merged immediately, and you will see the account number you are to make payment into.

Make payment to account number provided by Zenora.app.

When Zenora.app launched

Zenora.app was launched in July, 2022.

But we know that zenora.app is a new form of Zenora.me. So we can say that Zenora has been in existence for quite long time.

Who is Owner or founder of Zenora.app

Zenora.app did not provide any name of it’s owner on their website. And this is not a new thing among online make money platforms.

Where Zenora.app can be found

Zenora.app is a Nigerian website. And you can only find it on the internet.

For more information you can contact the Zenora.app help center.

Zenora.app Sign up

Sign up on zenora.app for free by tapping or Zenora.app or visit their website directly at www.zenora.app on your browser.

After reaching the website homepage, click on ” GET STARTED” .Enter first name, surname,phone number, email address, password, partner code (optional). And tap on register.With the few steps you have successfully created a Zenora.app account. Now start your quest to make money on the platform.

The creation of multiple Zenora.app account on a single device can lead to ban of the account.

Zenora.app Login

After creating a zenora.app account, login to the make money platform by clicking on Zenora.app which redirects you to the website homepage. Select login and input email address and password.

Zenora.app Payment Proof

Zenora.app did not provide a payment proof to its users on their website.

Is Zenora.app Legit or Scam

Is Zenora.app legit or scam ? Let’s start from the origin of zenora. Since Zenora.app is a new form of zenora.me.

Zenora.app is a Ponzi scheme, even though they are providing the services they offer to their user. Do not invest what you can’t afford to lose on Zenora.app. Because the platform is going to crash sooner or later.


Do not invest what you can’t afford to lose on Zenora.app.

Thanks for reading this honest Zenora.app review. Drop your query and contribution below.

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