Emoneyofficial.com Review | Is Emoneyofficial Legit or scam

We guess you found yourself on the this page because you want to make money online. And you want to consider Emoneyofficial.com.

We ( Alphazeal ) have taken the job to give our readers earning tip and review about it.

In today’s review we will be looking at a unpopular make money website called Emoneyofficial.com, which has just be launched recently. We are sure that the reason for the unpopular factor of Emoneyofficial is because it is a new website.

And at the end of the writeup you will find answers to your unanswered questions about Emoneyofficial. Queries like Is Emoneyofficial.com legit or a scam, sign up, login and so many more.

Now, Let’s dive fully into Emoneyofficial world….

Emoneyofficial.com Review

eMoney or Emoneyofficial is a website with little review about it on the internet or anywhere else. And we ( Alphazeal ) has tested the website to bring you this complete and honest Emoneyofficial.com review.

And after reading this article, you will be able to easily operate efficiently on the platform.

What is Emoneyofficial.com

Emoneyofficial.com can also be regarded as eMoney is a new make money platform that promise to pay it users by completing some task.

Emoneyofficial claim to be an easy-to-use and safe online money making platform with both free and premium packages. Free eMoney subscribers have the ability to earn daily without a premium subscription by inviting friends and family to the community.

With this making money on the website without investing is possible. And this makes it easy for their user to to make it via the platform.

How does Emoneyofficial.com works/How to make money on Emoneyofficial.com

Even though Emoneyofficial.com claim that their users can earn on the platform with or without investing on the platform, This is true but their user tend to earn more efficient and large when they invest.

You recieve a signup welcome bonus of R20.

And here are the available earning for either free or premium package on Emoneyofficial.com below

Free subscription

Earn R10 daily (upto R5 every 12 hours)

2% commision on every referrals you make.

Earn R2 for every downliner

Note that that the minimum withdrawal is R150. And atleast one of your referrals must have upgraded to premium in order to withdraw.

For the premium package on Emoneyofficial.com they have

White Subscription on Emoneyofficial.com. This cost R250

eMoney every 4 hours

Earn up to 2- 4 percent per session

Net earning of 2 – 4 percent daily

Minimum withdrawal of R150

Expires after 90 eMoney sessions

Bronze Subscription on Emoneyofficial. This cost R500

eMoney every 4 hours
Earn 2 – 4 percent per session

Net earning of 12% – 24% daily

Minimum eithdrawal of R300

Expires after 90 eMoney session

Silver subscription on eMoney. This particular package cost a whooping amount of R1,000.

eMoney every 4 hours

Earn 2 – 4 percent per session

Net earning of 12% – 24% daily

Minimum eithdrawal of R500

Expires after 90 eMoney sessions

Gold Subscription. This cost R2,000

eMoney every 4 hours

Earn 2% – 4% per session

Net earning of 12% – 24% daily

Minimum eithdrawal of R1,000

Expires after 90 eMoney sessions

And lastly, the highest subscription on the platform is call Diamond. Which cost R3,000.

eMoney every 4 hours

Earn 2% – 4% per session

Net earning of 12% – 24% daily

Minimum eithdrawal of R2,000

Expires after 90 eMoney sessions

You just have to choose from the package that is suitable for you. Don’t forget to earn via referral also.

How to get Emoneyofficial.com Referrals

Refer on Emoneyofficial.com with making use of you personal affiliate link provided to you on the eMoney website.

How to withdraw on Emoneyofficial.com

The minimum withdrawal threshold on Emoneyofficial.com is R150. And after getting up to that amount withdraw by clicking the withdraw icon the website’s dashboard.

Input the necessary information you are asked. Then click on withdraw. There is no limit to daily withdrawal on Emoneyofficial.

How to Recharge on Emoneyofficial.com

Recharge for premium package on Emoneyofficial by clicking the upgrade to premium icon on the website’s dashboard. And choose the package you want to buy by tapping Buy now.

When Emoneyofficial.com launched

Emoneyofficial.com was launched in the late days of July, 2022.

Who is the Owner or founder of Emoneyofficial.com

The identity of the owner of Emoneyofficial is yet to be revealed.

And we promise to update this section of this article once it is finally unveiled.

Where Emoneyofficial.com can be found

There is no location stated on the Emoneyofficial website about where it can be found. But we suspect that eMoney is a South African website. And this is due to the currency for transaction on the website.

Emoneyofficial.com Sign Up

Sign up on Emoneyofficial.com by clicking on https://emoneyofficial.com , which automatically takes you to emoneyofficial’s homepage. Tap on Register. And fill in the blanks with a username, email, and password. Then proceed by clicking register.

After this you have successfully created a Emoneyofficial.com account.

And there is no information that you are asked on the platform that you cannot easily provide.

Emoneyofficial.com Login

To login on Emoneyofficial after completing registering on the platform only requires you to input your username or email and password.

With this you have successfully login on Emoneyofficial.com. Now you can start your journey of earning money.

Emoneyofficial.com Payment Proof

Emoneyofficial.com is unavailable on the platform. Because the site choose not to provide it yet.

And payment proof is one of a factor that encourages user to get involve in a make money platform.

Is Emoneyofficial.com Legit or Scam

Because of the lack of payment proof on the Emoneyofficial.com website  and no review about it yet on the internet by their users. It has made it difficult for us to know if Emoneyofficial is Legit or scam.

But if you really want to make money you can try it out since there is a free subscription you can use to confirm the credibility of the website.


There is no risk free make money website on the internet these days, so you can check out Emoneyofficial.com with the free subscription. And if you intend to use the premium package. Do not invest what you can’t afford to lose.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to drop your questions and contribution in the comment section.

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