review| Is Gridpay Legit or Scam? Earn up to $300

A new income promising website called or Gridpayout has just be launched. And it has a little review currently from its users.

Since Gridpayout is a new online make money platform. And internet users will want to see a review about it before they get involve in it.

Online make money platform can be a very frustrating because some are fake, due to the fake promises made by the website for it users to make money. is a website that  offer income to individuals. And we have bring to you all you need to know it.

The number of make money websites is increasing day by day, but internet user may come across scam website most times. And this discourage internet users from getting involve with making money online.

Which is why we made a honest review.
And you have come across the right article about Review

Since Gridpayout is a recently launched site, with no review available about it on the internet. Most internet users waste their time on online  platform that eventually don’t provide the services they promise. Which is why we decided to make research about Gridpayout.

And at the end of this writeup you will know thing like Gridpayout sign up, login, is it legit or a scam and so on.

What is is a newly launched website that promises to pay it users. And disclose the name of it’s sponsors or advertisers.

According to gridpayout they are paying their users in order to generate traffic to their advertiser’s websites. And they will get paid by their advertisers for the traffic users bring to them and paid commission.

In other words, Gridpayout is not giving away free money to their users. So gridpayout user get paid according to the work they perform on the website.

And also they also claim that is a large scale marketing and referral initiative based in USA, and it was founded in 2010.

How to make money on

You obviously want to make money on, earn on the platform by performing task to earn.

And the task on the platform is referral. Use the link provide by their website to generate traffic and earn money 5$ for every unique visitor that clicks your link.

User can promote their link on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, forums, chat rooms, blogs. And this helps to increase their income rapidly.

How to get Referrals

The prime method to earn on is by referral. Refer on gridpayout by copying your referral link. And send it to your desired individuals.

Once they register with your link, you will instantly get your commission.

How to withdraw on

Most make money online platforms always have withdrawal threshold. And is one of them.

The minimum withdrawal threshold for gridpayout is $300, after acquiring such amount on the platform. Your payment withdrawal option will appear on your dashboard, when you will reach you minimum payout limit of 300$.

Choose your desired withdrawal method via PayPal, Cheque, Western Union, Money Gram, bank transfer and this is done at the end of every month. And you can earn up to 200$ per day and 5,000$+ per month. So the withdrawal process is quite simple.

When launched

How old a website is, does not really determine if a website’s credibility. is a recently launched site. And the website was launched in August 2022.

And we can’t really tell if the website is here to stay for long or it will crash very soon.

Who is the Owner or founder of

Knowing the identity of a make money website is important. We have investigated about the owner or founder of

And we couldn’t find answer to this question because there is no information regarding it on their website because gridpayout choose not to reveal it yet.

We promise to update this part of this writeup, once finally reveal it owner.

Where can be found

There is no particular location stated about Gridpayout on their website, we makes us have no information regarding where it is can be found.

But we know that can be found on the internet. And seems to be accessible to almost every country of the world like China, India, USA, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and so many other countries across the world. Sign Up

Signing up with does require a vital information that internet users can’t be easily provide. Register by :

1. Clicking on which direct you to the website’s sign up page.

2. Tap on Register.

3. Fill the box with the accurate information you are asked.

With this you have successfully created an account with gridpayout. And it is time to start earning on it. Login

Before you try to login on, you must make sure  that you have successfully registered on gridpayout.

Login by clicking which takes you to the website homepage. Fill in your username and password. Payment Proof did not provide and payment proof on their website. And this does not determine if the website is legit or a scam.

Is Legit or Scam

Now to the main question of the writeup, Is legit or a scam. We are glad to finally give the right answer to this. is a scam make money website, that will not pay after completing their task. We observed that gridpayout is only using the website to generate traffic to their advertisers website. is a website that internet users shouldn’t bother to check out because it does not fulfill it’s promises to the users.

And we have seen such a website in the past that are scam and not paying their users. So readers shouldn’t bother themselves in


Don’t get yourself involve with, because it won’t pay you. And it is just a waste of time.

Thanks for reading this honest Gridpayout  review. Drop your query and contribution about Gridpayout in the comment section.

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