Review | Is Supernano Legit or scam

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Supernano-in is a recently launched make money website. And we have bring to you every necessary information about.

And at the end of this writeup, you would know things like how to make money on Supernano, sign up and so many. Review

We have researched about And decided to bring to you answer to your query about Supernano.

What is is a new platform that has come to provide income to internet users. It claim to be run by Microchip Technology Co., Ltd, which is a manufacturer of microcontrollers, memory and analog semiconductors. And the company was founded in 1989.

And according to the website they said that
“Microchip Technology offers a wide range of innovative standard and application specific microcontrollers; FPGA products; analog, mixed-signal, timing and security products; wired and wireless connectivity products; is a leading provider of embedded control solutions, offering related non-volatile Sexual memory products. and Flash-IP solutions”. Which seem to be one of their mission.

How to make money on

You can earn on via the following means :

1. Log in on the supernano-in website website or app daily to receive reward of 50 Naira on the home page of the app. After completing the daily log in, the bonus will automatically reach the account balance.

2. Buy VIP to start earning.

Vip is regarded as production line is a package available on supernano-in  for purchase.

And the same level of chip production line can only be purchased once. Buy VIP chip production line to produce chips, you can earn high income every day. There are various production line package with different prices. The higher the amount of the chip, the higher the income provided to the users.

Chip production lines are valid for 180 days. The principal for the purchase of the chip production line is automatically returned to the account balance after 180 days. Choose  the corresponding chip production line to purchase in the VIP center, and produce chips on the homepage after purchase. Each chip production line on can produce 10 times a day. For every chip produced, you can earn high profits.

For example, if you purchase #3000 production line, they get #170 daily and #5100 monthly on

3. Refer new user to with your referral link or code. Once the individual you refer to supernano-in register on the website with your referral link, you get up to $500 per referral.

4.  Make money via team commission.

The longer your deposit period, the higher your income gets. users can now withdraw their income after deposit expires.

5. You can also participate in the various mission center on For example  Supernano-in launches monthly Salary. And their users can earn monthly income of up to ₦1000.

And this can be claim via different these four steps.

* In any Facebook group in Nigeria with up to one thousand member, Users must post an advertisement post that he or she makes money on

* Post your news of earning money in in WhatsApp story

* Publish your ad post for earning money in Super Nano in any WhatsApp group of up to 100 member.

* In any telegram group with a sum up of up to 500 members, Users must post an advertisement post that he or she makes money on

After you have completed the mission, you have to contact the supernano-in customer service to record your completed mission.

How to get Referrals

Refer and earn by sending the referral link or code assign to you by Supernano-in. And this is very easy to do by copying and pasting it.

How to withdraw on

The minimum withdrawal threshold on is #1500. After making up to that amount on the website. You can simply withdraw by clicking the withdraw money icon on the mine section on the website.
Supernano-in strongly advise it users to make use of  TRC20 for withdrawal, which will be received within 3 minutes, and the handling fee is lower.

But you can also make use of Banka Karti for withdrawal. For both cases you just have to provide withdrawal amount and password.

If you are worried about withdrawing on supernano-in, you should also be concerned about recharging. Recharge on the platform  tapping on recharge and filling in the necessary information you are asked.
USDT is recommended for recherge.

If withdrawal or recharge is successful but not reflected in the account balance for a long time, please contact customer service.

When launched tend to be the latest make money website on the internet. It was launched in August 2022.  And does not look like a website that is going to crash soon.

Who is the Owner or founder of

Supernano-in is yet to reveal to the identity of it’s owner. Which makes us not to have answer to this particular question.

Where can be found can not be found anywhere but on the internet. But with currency available on the website. We suspect that is a Nigerian website. Sign Up

Sign for for free  by:

1. Clicking on which direct you to the website’s main page where you find the sign up option.

2. Tap on sign up. And fill in the information you are required to.

With these few steps you have successfully created a Supernano-in for yourself. Login

Once you have registered on supernano-in, Login on the make money website by entering your phone number and the password you choose to use. Which makes it the only two requirements to log in on the website. Payment Proof

Supernano does not have any payment proof on its website.

Is Legit or Scam

As of the time this article was written, we found no information on the internet if that is legit or a scam.

Which makes us unable to answer the query of if Supernano is legit or scam.

But we strongly advise our readers not to invest what they can’t afford to lose on the platform.

Feel free do drop your questions in the comment section. Thank for reading this honest Supernano review.

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